This is Why You Tan

Listen — I like Chelsea Clinton, and I’ve always felt bad that people made fun of her for her looks when she was an impressionble teen. But when you compare her to a cast member from the Jersey Shore Carrie Underwood, homegirl looks a little ghostly. Maybe just a little color before the wedding, is all I’m saying.

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    • Kelly

      I think this was just bad lighting/flash, or terrible makeup. She doesn’t look so hot in this pic, but in most pictures of her she looks just as pale but much lovelier.

    • j

      what the hell is this? be as you are girls, don’t listen to this bool sheet.

    • H

      It’s bad lighting. Not to mention that tanning will just make you look wrinkly a lot sooner – I bet Chelsea will be looking better than Carrie in 20 years.

    • Eileen

      It’s not a flattering picture – the lighting or her expression – but implying that women should risk serious damage to their bodies so that YOU will enjoy looking at them is total and complete BS.

    • Ashley

      I am so white, I reflect light. I look like a ghost in pictures. And I love it. I used to try self tanners when I was younger because I used to be teased for being so pale and it is almost physically impossible for my body to tan on its own. It was awful and the self tanners just left me orange and splotchy, so I stopped trying. Now people look at my skin and tell me I look like a porcelain doll and that they envy how white and pure my skin is. Not all of us pale people need to tan, thank you. I will have the skin of a 40 year old when I’m sixty and you sun-bakers will look like a leather bag of bones. Not only is tanning harmful to your skin, but women spend thousands of dollars to achieve it, abuse it to the point that they look like an ommpa loompa, and then when the are older, spend thousands of more dollars to try to reverse the effects of their tanning obsession.
      All Chelsea Clinton needs in this photo is a hint of blush, and she would look perfect.
      Have a great day. Now leave us pale people alone.