Despite What Khia Says, You Should Not Use Candy As a Sex Toy

R&B singer Khia has some tips for spicing things up in the bedroom:

Don’t be scared to bring candies and toys into the bedroom. Some guys are jealous of dildos because of the size, so what I did to kind of ease [my ex-husband] is introduce him to jumbo candy canes that they give at Christmas time. I like that better because number one, it doesn’t look like a penis that’s bigger than him, so he won’t be jealous. Plus, it makes the vagina taste wonderful and the peppermint makes it tingle a little bit when he blows. It’s good when he’s giving you head; it looks fun and kiddie-like going in, so he’s not intimidated.

Peppermint in your vagina? Why not just inject yourself with yeast infection germs and just save time? Sugar + Ladyparts = Bad, Bad Idea.

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    • Bertha Cullen

      What? This sounds like a paramount idea.

    • Cara

      Seriously. will. create. yeast. infection. And possibly worse.