If Steve Carell Leaves ‘The Office,’ Does Anybody Care?

Because I don’t. I know some other people will, but can we just be honest? The show has sucked for the past several seasons. Michael Scott is just awkward, Dwight is weird and uncharming, and the Jim and Pam storyline has descended into Ross and Rachel territory — now that they’re together, there is nothing left to tell. The wedding and baby jokes are old. The tension is gone. Let it go, man.

And so, when Steve Carrell tells People.com that if he leaves after this season, as his contract dictates, because “I just thought it was time for my character to go,” I would say, you’re right, Steve. It is. In fact, unless you want to be remembered as another sitcom that stayed around well past it’s expiration date, it’s time for all of you to go. Sorry, Jim. Once upon a time you were cute.

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    • Someguy

      Jessica, you’ve read my mind. I’ve enjoyed watching The Office up until seasons 4 or 5. I hate how they wrote Jan off the show, making her go crazy and get fired. I hate how all the network executives got fired it was depressing. I hate how Ryan bounces around company positions like a pinball machine, its retarded. I hated the whole Andy and Angela thing, plus she should have never been on the show to start with considering shes never made anyone laugh ever, yet still wins an award for being on a comedy show. I hate Jim and Pam; shes always been a big bitch. I hated every second that Charles Minor was on the show. After awhile Michael Scott has just become annoying, they should have him paper cut himself to death in his office. Or, Ryan could fuck up with the microwave again and actually burn everybody down this time. Or, a pack of teenage mutant ninja turtles could hijack the office and murder everyone while dwight finally gets to use all those weapons he stored around and dies trying to fend them off in a bloodthirsty bloodbath of blood!

      P.S. Creed is the best character.
      P.P.S. Run-on sentences rule they’re awesome like ice cream chocolate is my favorite vanilla is good sometimes alcohol is good always last night I drank every time someone on the office said something stupid today I woke up in a hospital.

    • Brandon

      I do not agree at all. The Office had a bad spell for a while, when Jim and Pam got married and when nobody knew the outcome of Dunder Mifflen. But the latest season has become hilarious again. Jim and Pam have gone back to their old ways, Dwight is just outright hilarious and Michael Scott is still his same ol “Omg did he just do that??” self.

      The other cast memebers get more camera time now and thats brings a better overall feel to the show. I have been laughing like a lunatic at the Office lately, it is nowhere near their time to go. Steve Carrell can leave and the show can go on and still be funny without him. But he will be very missed. He is the original reason myself and probably most people started watching the show.

      So yea, honestly people will care.