Poll: Would You Rock the Trendy ‘Mad Men’ Era Bathing Suit?

So this suit is now everywhere you look. It’s a knockoff of the Marilyn look, also riding the coattails of the success of “Mad Men” (in my humble yet highly relevant opinion). But would anyone rock it? IS anyone rocking it? I think it’s cute, and it certainly would be nice for one summer to not worry if my pubes are peeking out over the top of my bikini bottoms. But I’d also worry that I’d feel as though I were getting into the pool in a romper.

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    • Lindsay Hartman

      I have one a little like it. It’s definitely retro-inspired, you could say. Except mine has no straps, a little more cleavage and is white with black polka-dots. It’s not perfect for everyday, but it’s fun for backyard barbeques.

    • Cuffy

      That’s definitely not Mad Men inspired. It looks more like late 40s or early 50s, while Mad Men is set in the mid 60s.

      It looks too costume-y for my taste.

    • Laura

      This suit is ugly, I would not walk out of the house wearing this hideous looking suit. Much like the show this bathing suit was inspired by it too is boring. I no longer need prescription sleeping pills I can just turn on Mad Men and I’m already there (sleep) that is. Now where is the remote control, I think I’m in the mood for Dexter.