Wonder Woman’s Makeover Appears To Involve Jeggings

I guess after 69 years of sporting the same outfit, you might want a makeover, but oh, Wonder Woman, why jeggings? To be fair, the 600th issue of the series is also giving Wonder Woman a revised back story. Writer J. Michael Straczynski notes that:

Wonder Woman, instead of growing up on Paradise Island with her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and her Amazon sisters, is smuggled out as a baby when unknown forces destroy her home and slaughter its inhabitants.

To go along with that her new outfit is supposed to be darker and “less costumey.” Which is cool – we just hope she still has a golden lasso.

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    • eEv

      They do look like jeggings in this picture, but I saw a few panels with the new look and they just look like tight, slightly shiny (like American Apparel stuff) leggings. Also, I think that might be the golden lasso on her right hip– although it seems to be sewn to her clothes.

    • spacemonkey

      Makeover? She looks like she came out of the set of Purple Rain.