Gallery: 10 Vampires More Dateable Than Edward Cullen (Find Which One Is Right For You!)

Okay, it’s true that I’ve only seen about one quarter of the Twilight movie. Maybe that’s because I don’t find Edward’s brooding and staring and not-having-sex-ness all that appealing. Since I’ve already seen A Summer Place, I didn’t feel a pressing need to continue watching. But you know what I have seen? Other vampire movies and TV shows. And I’m pretty sure that these candidates have more bite than Edward.

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    • Colleen Williams

      Yaaaay! Spike!

      • Colleen Williams

        Yaaaaaay! Eric!

    • kitsey

      They at least do get to have sex in a Summer Place and it has a classic theme song!

    • Kat

      Uh, Kiefer Sutherland – The Lost Boys. Clearly beats any of those examples ;)

      • Jennifer Wright

        Okay, I very seriously considered him but then I was like “but he had a mullet.” I just don’t think I could do someone who had a mullet.

      • porkchop

        Yes! Kiefer should be on this list. As should Jim Carrey from “Once Bitten.”

    • kitsey

      definitely would like to see a follow up article about the 10 most dateable werewolves/shapeshifters.

    • Mr Incognito

      Where the buggery is Count Duckula!!

    • Kat

      And Severen from Near Dark.

    • Nope

      Wait what? Where is Count Chocula?! You could totally get free cereal, like, ALL THE TIME! Some list. But seriously, all of these are so much better than Edward. Mmm.

    • Gillian

      Mark Frankel…Julian Luna in Kindred:The Embraced. Yum!

    • yavanna

      i don’t know either why you justified Eric Northman. I wanna him, but, where is Louis from Interview with the Vampire??

    • Serra

      eric, spike, bill and PAM all the way!!!!! ;D so would turn gay for pam ;)

    • Audrey

      I love how three of them are from True.Blood! :) And of course Lestat is on there.

    • ChristeneBfromLa

      Where is Stephen Salvatore and Mick St. John? Love my True Blood vamps! RAWR!

    • Tina’sTwinsPlus1

      Mick St. John and Angel rank way above Lestat.

      • Tina’sTwinsPlus1

        I forgot to say that Spike would top my list with these choices, with Damon a close second…hate the show except for his character.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Everyone forgets that Angel tried to destroy the entire world! And then after Buffy was willing to give up everything to be with him (and he put her through crazy emotional turmoil) and their relationship was kind of alright again he was like “okay, well, I’m Audi.” He’s everyone’s worst boyfriend from high school! Meanwhile, Spike went through Hell to get his soul back and then saved the planet. For love.

      • Carol

        Jennifer, yeah, but to be fair, Spike tried to rape her, once. He’s my favorite, but he has that in his resume.

    • Lydia

      What about Brad Pitt as Louis?! I would pick him over Tom Cruise’s Lestat….

      HOWEVER! Stuart Townsend as Lestat in Queen of the Damned IS pretty damn hott!
      Antonio Banderas as Armand…especially with the long black hair :)

      BUT!…I’d have to pick Eric from True Blood

      • Carol

        Queen of the Damneds – Baaaad movie. Stuart Towsend as Lestat? HOT! Stuart Towsend as any amoral character in very bad movies (read: Dorian Gray in the horrible League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) – HOT

    • Sarah

      Eric!! Because we all know his stamina is up to scratch.

    • bloodyvamp

      Eric LOL!!!! “Because I don’t even understand why I should have to justify this one. ” LOL yes you do. Average at best but not great LOL!

    • Fangbanger

      So for all the Angel, Stephan and Louis fans go date the King of Emo Mr. Cullen. Vamps are supposed to be all bad boy not have more mood swings and PMS more than I do. If I had to put up with them for an eternity I would stake myself.

    • Anne

      You should have waited for Jacob the werewolf if you couldn’t watch the Twilights for Edwards sake (I couldn’t either, but Jacob makes it worthwile!)
      And GODS YES to Eric, Spike, Pam and PLEASE add Armand!

    • alexi

      Bill? What is he doing on here?
      But YES YES YES ERIC NORTHMAN! no one else even compares! :D

    • Lexi

      Yes, yes, and YES! to Damon and Spike.

    • Katy

      WOOT for Damon!!! …and Eric :)

    • mary jo

      Eric and Damon are THE BEST!!!!!!!

    • Lilit Marcus

      OK, everyone, we have heard your cries and we have responded:

      That said, I would like to advocate for Count Chocula as well. The free cereal seals it for me.

    • Marta

      Bill Compton would definitely be my choice. *.*

    • umm

      Spike will forever be my fav. Angel/Angelous is in a close second. I love my True Blood vamps as well Bill/Eric :)

    • Trubie


      • Trubie

        and I’ve gotta give it up for Pam…I wouldn’t date her, but she’s HOT!!

    • Liz

      You BET that Bill from True Blood is the best vampire! But where the heck is Angel in this list???!

      • umm

        I know right?? He was sexy with or without his soul.

    • Dawn


    • Gieba

      Pam, Eric, Damon, Edward and Bill

    • Lily

      You forgot the HOTTEST vampire of them ALL!! Mick St. John, anyone???? And of course, you missed Angel, as well. He’s WAY more hotter than Spike!

    • fleur

      Bill bien évidemment……qui d’autre

    • billette

      sans hésitation Bill… pour le deuxième Damon……les deux meilleurs

    • fleur

      Bill, Bill et Bill bien évidemment

    • Marina

      With no doubt, it is Damon from The Vampire Diaries!
      He´s the beeest!

    • cristina

      damon *-*

    • elodie

      Eric, Spike and Damon !! I always choose bad guys ^^

    • Missy

      Eric and then Pam :)

    • thecreepb!

      Damon OF COURSE! (don’t worry ed. we still love you)

    • Hagnes

      Damon and Lestat of course. Edward is very strange and annoying!
      Kisses to the Brazilians that are here.

    • Trisha Germanay

      I enjoy Edward, Bill & Damon….but what I want to know is….WHERE THE HECK IS MY MAN STEFAN FROM VAMPIRE DIAIRES?? He is the hottest!!!

    • Geek TV

      I agree with everything!

      I still don’t get why edcullen is considered a vampire… Bah, twitlight has ruined the name Edward for me :C

      • tentara

        Ha, was twitlight an awesome mistake or planned?

      • E.coli

        I once planned on calling one of my future kids Edward (because I adore the Riddler), not anymore though T_T

    • VampireNits

      GO DAMON! GO DAMON! GO DAMON! GO DAMON! GO DAMON! YEAH! YEAH! UH-HUH! GO DAMON! GO DAMON! i hate his stubble though……..

    • Mss Damon Salvatore

      TEAM DAMON!!! Damon is the sexiest vampire ever! I date him, for sure!

    • isabella

      damon i love you
      damonis the better
      he is sexy sexy sexy ho sexy and hot

    • Sonja

      Edward (9.5/10 because nobody gets a 10/10) is *so* right, nobody can compare – close but no banana…and sure there’s some very other tasty (seriously, no pun intended) vamps out there – Damon’s “bad boy with a bit of a heart” gets a 7/10, Eric’s looks & bod give him a def 7.5/10. Emmet is looking hot in the latest Twilight Eclipse, so will give him a 7/10.
      Nobody does it as well we Edward Cullen in the Twilight series – though I wish to heck he hadn’t had his hair cut so short for Eclipse – he’s so much more attractive with his hair the length it was in the first movie. Short hair doesn’t give him the edge in the looks department, but of course you have to add on his voice, and brooding qualities, and ta da…the perfect guy :)
      Probably about to get my post flamed to pieces after this one, but just giving my 2 cents worth so don’t get too uptight – I expect change :P

      • Oreadno1

        To quote something I saw on Twitter the other day: If a guy won’t sleep with you and sparkles, he’s not a vampire; he’s a gay guy.

    • sevenof9nc

      What?!? No Mick St. John?? No Josef Costans?? Oh, The Humanity!!!!

    • Oreadno1

      I gotta go with Soike, but my guy friend is all about Vamp Willow!

      • Oreadno1

        I meant Spike (this is what I get for typing without caffeine)

    • Buffy

      Spike’s the best!

    • Carol

      Team Spike, always! Actually, team James Masters…. (oh, capt. John Hart…)

    • rehabber

      Talking about Damon’s cheekbones, what about those eyes..WOW Glad to see both of my favorite vamps are in this list..Spike being the other. I did love Angelus, but would not want to date

    • rehabber

      I saw the new Edward movie yesterday and kept thinking how can anyone think he is hot or sexy when Damon and Stefan are out there. The movie was better than the first 2, but still cheesy.

    • Melissa

      What, no Nick Knight?!?

    • Mysjkin

      Eric Northman would eat Edward Cullen for breakfast! … and then he would be welcome to nibble on me :)

    • Bob

      What about vampires from Lost Boys? Jason Patric? Star? How about Caleb from Near Dark? He was conflicted and brooding, and ultimately a swell guy. How about George Hamilton from Love at First Bite? Gary Oldman as Dracula? What’s-her-name from Ultraviolet? The naked chick from Lifeforce? Seems you guys went to the “True Blood” well a few times too often.

    • AT

      FIrst of all, the whole idea of the article kind of loses a bit of objectivity since you only saw the first part of the first film. I’m not a fanatic of Twilight, but I can admit that the reason girls want to date an Edward is because he’s an old-fashioned romantic. Personally, I’d rather date a guy who wants to “wait” and brings you flowers and reads you classic literature than a tv show assistant dressed like a vampire who hangs with Conan. That said, yes, I agree some of the vampires mentioned are “sexy”, especially Damon, Bill and Eric. BUT, if you wanted to find the most dateable vampire, I would have to go with Mick St. John on Moonlight. Josef’s good too. And as for other dateable vampires, I would have included Carlisle. A vampire and a Doctor…double win!!!

    • Laurie D.

      I agree with Melissa, where’s Nick Knight, the original vampire detective looking for a cure?

    • Veiriti

      Edward Cullen?!??!! NO, thanks! SPIKE is the sexiest vampire ever and I’d love to spend the eternity with him! And Damon is freakin’ hot either!

    • Elena

      Team Spike, definitely!

    • R Warford

      Vamp Willow for me, but where is Angel?

      • Spike’s Luv

        Angel sucks!!! Team SPIKE!!!!!

    • BarefootBanshee

      And where is the vote for Mitchell from Being Human? Who could possibly be more brooding and sexy than him?

    • Blue Footed Booby


    • osia

      what a dumb-ass list. half these vampires were introduced to TV and film in the last couple of years. The only kick-ass ones are Spike & Lestat.

      you should have included on your list:

      Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandridge the sexy yuppie vampire from FRIGHT NIGHT 1985

      David Bowie/Catherine Deneuve’s vampires from THE HUNGER

      Antonio banderas as Armand in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE

      Gary Oldman as DRACULA (hello?)

      Gerard Butler in DRACULA 2001 as dracula.

      Keifer sutherland in THE LOST BOYS (even with the mullet)

      What about Stephen Dorff in BLADE? he was just as awesome as Blade himself.

      Eddie Murphy in VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN

      • Sean C

        Osia, you have a good list here.

        Only vampires that I think are weak are Eddie Murphy (just wrong, too comedic and not dangerous), Gerard Butler (again, too broody and not charismatic), Gary Oldman was interesting, but Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi really got Dracula, Bowie and Catherine Deneuve (Just boring, like Fright Night’s director, Tom Holland, said, “Tony Scott was almost afraid of calling them vampires”, but they should have been proud of it). I think Chris Sarandon rocked as Dandridge, and I think Colin Farrell will totally not get the character in the remake. His career is free falling.

        Notable absentees from this list, I feel.

        Graf Orlok- Nosferatu

        Max Shreck-Shadow of the Vampire (Willem Dafoe plays Max Shreck, the actor from Nosferatu, who played Orlok. The film imagines that Max was a real vampire, and explains why little was heard of him after Nosferatu).
        How come nobody listed Evil Eddie from Fright Night. IS it the gay porn thing or what, or was he more of an underling, and not really a vampire?
        Btw, who was the head vampire in Salem’s Lot?

    • tentara

      I’ll have me some William the Bloody,Spike, since when has broody been sexy? Mysterious yeah I can dig that. But give me a british sarcastic badass with a taste for some awesome music and doesnt light up like a disco ball in the sun.
      Real vamps don’t sparkle and have a nice set of canines and know how to use em : P

    • Julie

      What about Angel? He is way hotter than any of these idiots1

    • zukerfuss

      Even Barnabas Collins is sexier than Edward Cullen. And I agree with the list Osia made, especially Antonia Banderas and Chris Sarandon.

      • zukerfuss

        That should have been “Antonio”, not “Antonia”…. my apologies to anyone insulted by that. Typing on a laptop and not used to the flattened keys.

    • Blue Spider

      A lot of these weaklings are from True Blood… morons….

    • phanom

      Eric Northman mos def!!

    • Loveliam

      Where’s Stuart Townsend? He was so sexy in Queen of the Damned (I admit, the only time I liked him in anything). If he was good enough for Charline Theron for 9 years, I could take him for a night of blood sucking! He rocked as a Jim Morrison type vampire- mesh shirt and all.

      • Sean C

        They included Tom Cruise as Lestat, and not Stuart Townsend as Lestat. Main reason was that Tom Cruise played the crazy vampire very well, and inhabited the role (Only time I have liked him in anything). Stuart Townsend played a Goth, masquerading as a vampire. The guy was playing an older Edward Cullen, and not a very interesting one either.

    • Ratgirl

      Hem, Let us not forget the original hot vampire..Bela Lugosi.

    • nikky29

      Definitely Damon!!! I love Eric, and Spike…. but DAMON? *sigh*

    • Bradjanet

      You missed out the moodiest , broodiest sexiest of them all … maybe it hasn’t played in the US., but Aidan Turner;s Mitchell from “Being Human” is the best of the bunch.

    • Alex

      The Conan show. Which either side your on, I think it ended badly. Neither Conan or Jay will get the success they had before.

      There are a lot left off this list.

    • ella

      mmm I’ll have me a threesome with pam and eric, most definitely.

    • Chris

      3 vampires from True Blood? Way to go for the obvious.

      How about Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger, the mother of all sexy vampires?

    • MM

      How can you include Spike and not Angel? Angel was way better than Spike, although there was that curse thing.

      Nick Knight from Forever Knight gets ignored too much. So does Mick from Moonlight. I’m still annoyed at CBS about that show.

      • Spike’s Luv

        Angel better than Spike?!!! Oh, come on! NO WAY! Spike always was better than Capt. “Broody” Forehead! ;)

      • stella

        Spike’s Luv is bloody hell right !
        PS: NOBODY is better than him. And Spike didn’t “just got his soul back to get in bed with Buffy”. He got his soul FOR her, to prove her that he wasn’t a soulless monster, so Buffy could see the real him.

    • Lexi

      Wait, how’d you get inside my brain??? This is MY personal list of VILFs, right down to going gay for Pam and the being thirteen and finding Vamp!Tom Cruise hot. And that paragraph on Spike? I could pretty much tattoo that to my ass, it’s so true.

      • me

        Lexi Rule??

    • zerowolf

      no brad pitt ?

    • Marcia

      How about Frank Langella?

    • Max

      3 of 10 from the relatively new show, “True Blood?” Lazy, EW. Very lazy.

    • MM

      I’m one of those who still isn’t sure with Spike. Part of me thinks he just got his soul back to get in bed with Buffy. But he did do some good stuff at the end of Buffy, and then in Angel.

      I do hate the writers having Buffy pick him over her relationship with Giles though in Lies My Parents Told Me though. Not as a ship thing, just in general.

    • jdub

      So. That ugly ass Edward Dalton is in the list but Angel is not. I call horse shit

    • Aradia LeCrone

      Excuse me…where are ALL the vamps in Moonlight? What’s up with that? I call most of those much more datable than Mr. Angst from Twilight.

    • Lola

      Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy in Blood ties (the best Vampire, seriously)

    • Matt

      @ jdub: Angel is NOT datable. Remember what happened the last time he fell in love. It would be a large Angelus mess all over again and twenty more Jenny Calender’s would die for no good reason.

    • stella

      And The vampire assistant? Are you kidding me?

    • maggiemay

      Seriously, none of these vampires are all that datable, up to and including Edward Cullen. The one that would be the most datable would be Henry Fitzroy of Blood Ties and you left him out. Even though all these vamps are great in their own way, Henry Fitzroy has them beat hands down.

    • Gypsy

      HENRY FITZROY from Blood Ties. Just sayin….

    • Donna

      Henry Fitzroy in Blood Ties has my vote. He’s a vamp after my own heart. The way Kyle Schmid played Henry was smoldering.

    • Lindyb

      Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy is the sexiest vamp, hands down!

    • christa

      The only vampire I love is Henry Fitzroy from Blood Ties.

    • Nandu

      The most dateable vampire is unfortunately missing on the list – Henry Fitzroy of Blood Ties!

    • Lorraine

      Hey I don’t See Kyle Schmid who played Henry Fitzroy in Blood Ties.

    • Veronica

      I think you forgot someone. Where’s Henry? You know, Henry Fitzroy, from the Blood Books and Blood Ties (TV). He’s like the only vampire I’ve ever seen who doesn’t feel the need to apologize for what he is. Which is a HOT date! =P

    • Darkstar 24

      There’s only one Vamp that does it for me. Perfect Gent, romantic hero. comfortable with what he is – there’s only one – Henry Fitzroy of Blood Ties and the Blood Books. Something about those double fangs.. mmmm mmmm.

    • xXpopwickedXx

      damon, eric , or spike

    • Soni

      Hmm, me thinks you seem to be missing a certain vampire from this list, and that would be vampire Henry Fitzroy from tv’s Blood Ties.

      Give him a Google and see for yourself, better yet, here’s a link to some stills if you wanna see for yourself of what the we (me and the fans below) are speaking of:

    • Laura

      What happened to that guy from that television show Moon light? He was definitely hot.

    • Debbie Wallace

      Why has no-one mentioned the beautiful David Bowie and Katherine Deneuve they were both gorgeous in The Hunger,but I can’t think of a better vampire than David Bowie circa 1980something.Amazing music very atmospheric,perfectos finos.

    • giz


    • diane

      Yeah..Where is Henry Fitzroy? And Mick St. John from Moon Light…???

    • kellycarberry

      For me it would be Bill from True Blood he is Sooo HOT

    • Mrs. de Lioncourt


    • Donna

      You left out THE BEST: Henry Fitzroy. The very best beyond compare.

    • Kristen

      Hey …. Here is what i think about this ….

      Non of those vampires are looking like real vampires….only 2…in my opinion… 2: Damon – The Vampires Diaries

      and FIRST 4ever and ever!!!! : EDWARD!!! What are you saying??? I have watched twilight 20 and i will watch over and over again! He is a little to make up but…his eyes and his hair….and how he talks…its just PERFECT! Watch twilight (the hole movie) and then comment ;) thx:x:x:x

    • Donna

      Henry Fitzroy as played by Kyle Schmid in Blood Ties is the best. You left him out. What’s the deal?

    • moha lawan

      best of all the actors ever known.

    • Sonja

      Jennifer has turned me somewhat!!! Never thought that would happen :/ Having another look at the gorgeous photos (most) above, and I’m now sticking with Edward being in the top 3 or so instead of #1, however what I now want to know is why on God’s name did they cut Eric’s hair so short – man he was so hot when he had his hair longer at the start of the True Blood series – him (with his longer hair) and ‘Angel’ would be the 2 guys I could pass up Edward for, however now Eric has such short hair and seems to have lost muscle mass, he’s just not so appealing and I’ve had to drop him off my list – in short he looks like a total dork, and not in a good way. I hope he’s not sick. Yes I might be a tad shallow, but haven’t you heard the saying ‘hair maketh the man”?

    • joseline

      hay que puedo decir eeeeeee este chavo esta guapisimo me guta la pelicula eeeeeeee pero el la hiso mas interesante aaaaaaaaaaaay papi asi si te como pero a beso eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee te amo (h)

    • ashely


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