5 Vampires Our Readers Think Are Hot, But I Do Not

So there may have been a few vampires I legitimately forgot to add to the “Vampires More Dateable than Edward Cullen” list. And by “a few vampires” I mean “Count Chocula.” Because my turns ons include popped collars and marshmallow breath. The rest of these, no. Here is why:

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    • Trubie

      I couldn’t agree more…on all 5 counts!!

      • umm

        I couldn’t disagree more on Angel. Could care less about the rest.

    • Scobes

      Love Angel. And this may be my inner crazy fangirl coming out to play, but Angel didn’t do those things, his psycho alter-ego did. Angel is just fine.

    • thecreepb!

      oooh, poor stefan! :X

      • Veiriti

        I can’t stand Stefan! Damon is the best!

    • Geek TV

      Objection on Angel because that was Angelus :P

      Reason should be: Because you can’t have sex with Angel or you bring home his nasty little friend :P

      • E


        What? Liam spent most of his days with tavern wenches. Probably caught something nasty along the way.

    • Uli

      Too skinny, anyone??? Before he was a hottie, now he looks like he just escaped a WW2 prison camp…

    • Carol

      Angel? Meh. I always liked Spike more, even when Spike was just a whiny, weird villain. But I must admit David Boreanaz grew on me… when he became Seeley Booth. I think I prefer him human.

      • Veiriti

        You’re right I like DB as Seeley Both better! Angel was so broody and boring for my taste… well, he’s much better than Edward Cullen ;)
        But, Spike!!! OMG, I’m totally in love with him!!! I’m a fan huge fan of Joss Whedon because of Spike.

    • Lexi

      The fangirls will tell you Angelus did all the bad, nasty stuff, and Angel’s almighty soul absolves him of guilt (not that tall dark and broody noticed; hobbies include feeling guilty . . . and Barry Manilow, which counts as self-punishment). They may have a point, but one fact legitimately keeps him from being datable: he is the Proto-Cullen, and wasn’t the original list all about being more datable than ol’ Eddie?

      • NL197

        I don’t know anything about “Twilight” and couldn’t possibly care less about who is more “datable”. What I do know is that every single comment here completely ignores the fact that Angel had his own series and became far more than just “Buffy’s boyfriend”.
        No more lurking in the shadows except to kill other vampires. No more ‘forbidden romance’ nonsense for girls to fawn over. The sex issue/perfect happiness was limited to Buffy and Buffy only…season 5 featured the werewolf Nina and proved that point.
        Also, Angel never once tried to kill Buffy’s mother. It was an obvious setup by Darla….did any of you even watch these shows or go by internet chatter about them?
        You all want to rag on Angel, fine. Just get the details a bit clearer before you do.

    • MM

      Yeah, it was Angelus that did all the bad stuff. But there is still the curse issue even nowdays. Although Wes said in one ep that perfect happiness is a really rare thing…

      • Jennifer Wright

        Except that perfect happiness was going to happen every time they had sex. Which A) seemed sort of unrealistic given that it was Buffy’s first time, which is generally more “a little awkward”, less “perfect happiness” and 2) seems like another downer to that whole relationship.