Giveaway: What Do You Want to Be Independent From?

On New Year’s Day, we make resolutions about things we’d like to work on during the year. But a few years ago, my friends and I came up with a new tradition: on the Fourth of July, we ask ourselves what we would like to be independent from this year. Sometimes, the answer is something specific, like “student loan debt” or “my shitty job.” But often it’s more philosophical, like “feeling like I’m never good enough” or “my body image issues.” So, let me ask you, readers: what would you like to be independent from this year? Leave your responses here in the comments. We’ll pick one winner who will get a TheGloss mystery bag (sadly, not this mystery bag) containing an assortment of beauty products and other goodies.

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    • Teh_Nutcase

      Corporate rule!

    • Eve

      I want to be independent of my family. I still live with them at the age of 23, and while I love it, I think its time for me to live on my own. Only if I can afford it, though.

    • Carrie

      I want to be independent from the fear that holds me back from realizing every dream I have–the fear that prevents me from evolving into the person I see in my daydreams. Hit the road, fear!!!

    • Annie-Claude

      I would love to de independant from the causes of my boss bad humour…

    • SisterMe

      The dude I keep going back to… shit. I have actually just landed in another country to sort my head out, and to be more independent. I like this way of seeing the 4th. And dammit it’s going to happen!!! :)

    • Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

      I’d like to be independent from cigarettes this year :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

    • Jamie B

      I want to be independent of the parts of my body that hold me back. I’ll skip the long story, but suffice it to say that I finally decided, this past week, to get that ball rolling. I’m making an appointment with my doctor tomorrow.

    • Lindsay Hartman

      I would like to be independent from my past. I made some dumb choices when I was younger. But I just got married to an amazing man and I have a beautiful daughter who we love to pieces. I would like to be free from the insecurities my former immaturity can push onto me.

    • Sarah

      The Bachelor/Bachelorette! I HATE that I watch that damn show. I am dumber for wasting 2 hours of my life every week watching those dramatic, wanna be actors/actresses looking for the love of their life in 6 weeks on unrealistic fantasy dates. Who are these people? Why can’t I stop watching this? FREE ME PLEASE!!!!!!!

    • laura

      Student debt! I have 60K!

    • Aimee W.

      I would love to be independent from my state unemployment checks. In other words, I want to find a job!!

    • shala_darkstone

      Hi, I’d like to be independent from constantly dieting and trying to lose 15 pounds.

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