Hangover Cures From ‘Round the World

So you got your independence on in a big way yesterday. Good for you. But now, you’re paying the price, and you want our help in figuring out how to calm the raging beast between your temples?

Well, fine, Just this once. Here are 5 of our favorite tips for getting yourself back in the game:

1. Pickles. This cure is used from Poland to Japan. In Poland they drink pickle juice straight — in Japan, they eat umeboshi, pickled fruit. So go get your drunk ass to a deli.

2. “The hair of the dog,” or, keep drinking. I know, it’s surprising, isn’t it? And here you’ve spent years mocking sorority girls who wake up with puke caked to the sides of their faces only to roll out of bed and drink more vodka straight from the bottle. But they’re on to something. Try a Bloody Mary and you’ll fill your stomach as well as reap the benefits of the vitamins in tomato juice.

3. Sweat it out. This also means swallowing your pride, because you’ll be that chick running and panting and smelling like alcohol in the gym. In Russia, they simply sit in a sauna. You’ll still be the girl who sweats tequila, but at least it will be dark.

4. Drink green tea for it’s cleansing benefits.

5. Drink a lot of water, take two Tylenol, and go back to sleep.

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    • Jape

      Wait, Tylenol is the one thing you should *not* take!! Acetaminophin + alcohol can damage your liver. So ibuprofin, aspirin but not Tylenol… of course I learned that years too late. But here’s a fuller rundown on all sorts of crazy global hangover cures: http://bit.ly/brrr1p

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      No, Jape. Not ibuprofen or aspirin. The only thing you’re sort of right about here is that none of those pain relievers, including the ones you mention, should be taken WITH alcohol, or very shortly thereafter. But I’m talking about the morning after, and I’m also not talking about people who get wasted every day. Consume your medications carefully, readers. And is that list of five things that you link to of more comprehensive than my list of five things? :)

    • Kamila

      Alka Seltzer – time tested Polish remedy

    • hangoverschool

      This is a sweet article. For hangovers I really like vitamin B rich foods. The best is mahi-mahi, if you are hungover and eat mahi-mahi you feel better pretty quick. I would recommend this. You can also drink vinager or stick your head in a bucket of cold water. That helps wake you up a bit.