David Beckham and the End of Gaydar

Professional dancer and dance studio owner Louie Spence has some words for David Beckham.

It’s harder than ever to spot a gay celeb, even for me! Is my gaydar getting muddled here? It wouldn’t be the first time. You know who I blame for getting folk confused over their sexuality? David Beckham – the perfect metrosexual man.

This is particularly appropriate since this morning at work our (male) intern admitted he had no idea that either Marc Jacobs or Tom Ford were gay. As my grandmother would have said, bless his heart.

However, I consider this “muddled gaydar” to be a positive sign. Sexuality is a fluid thing, and not everybody fits perfectly into the role assigned to their gender. So we can’t tell within five seconds of meeting someone if they’re gay or straight? Time to actually get to know someone.

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    • A.Y. Dariing

      Yes! I LOVE that you brought this up. I mean, I’ll gladly admit to having the best gaydar on the block, but I don’t need for anybody to be in any particular gender role in order for my world to make sense, the way some closed minded people do. Being well dressed and attractive doesn’t make you gay. It makes you well dressed and attractive!