Gallery: 10 Mullets That Celebrate Freedom

In Iran, mullets are now illegal. But here in America, we let our rat tail fly. We let it fly free, sometimes with elaborately teased hair in the front, which I guess symbolizes “work in the front” if you are John Stamos working in the jungle (though personally, I would not feel welcome in that jungle, despite the fun and games). So come join us, Iranians, because it does not say “have a semi-decent haircut” on the Statue of Liberty.

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    • Jen Dziura

      In an article about mullets, I do expect both a Guns N’ Roses reference and an Alanis joke, so thank you for fulfilling this need! Hilarious.

      • Zodar

        you is nice. i like the comment you made. :)

    • Sex Slave

      I’ll pee on myself tonight at midnight. I swear it.

      • Interested Weirdo!

        Do that shit Son! I love youtube trash…make my night a good one and upload that filth!

    • Idiot Man

      I like eating stones. I’ll use dirt to cover myself up to my eyes. I usually dig the holes while you is sleeping. When yous wake up… I is in your yard staring up at ye!

      • Dirty Toes Tomorrow

        I will find you and put a stong pair glasses on you. You will be helpless and forced to see thing my way.

    • i AM PISSING myself

      hehhheheheheheehe i like this shit right here!