DIY Vajazzling

Here’s an easy way to get your va-jay-jay sparkly, and it doesn’t involve any belabored processes or visiting a special salon. Coco de Mer offers the Butterfly Merkin, a peel-and-stick rhinestone design for your ladyparts. Simply remove the backing, and place delicately over your “powdered pussy,” according to the website. And being shaped a butterfly, it fits conveniently over the top of your hoo-ha (how many slang words for vagina can one post fit?!). Seems a lot less like something Jennifer Love Hewitt did to her poontang, and having a poontang that doesn’t look like Jennifer Love Hewitt’s is actually very appealing in and of itself.

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    • raederle

      I, on the other hand, prefer to give mine a weave.

    • Ignoranus

      Could have sworn that’s a bat. Not a butterfly.

    • Arjun

      that looks nice, in a weird way