5 Things Dudes Hate About Yoga

My best guy friend has started doing yoga. He’s actually doing it to work out as much as he is to meet chicks, but he has a couple of pet peeves about classes. He thinks yoga is designed to be more welcoming for women than it is for men. Here’s his reasoning.  Do you agree or disagree?

  • Why is it in a hot room? It’s not bikram yoga, it’s just the regular kind. It should not be hot in there! I’m sweating enough already, let’s not make it worse.
  • Stop telling me to relax. If you have to keep saying it over and over again, especially in that stupid high pitched hippie-wannabe voice, I will never fucking relax.
  • I get that you’re touching me or whatever because I might pull a muscle and am standing in some weird painful position, but please keep your hands away from my junk if you don’t want me to look like a perv. Those yoga pants do not leave a lot to the imagination, OK?
  • Yes, I know I’m the only guy. But could you please not mention it? It’s one thing to be The Guy, but I don’t want to be That Guy.
  • No chanting. Chanting is weird. I signed up for a yoga class, not a cult meeting.
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    • haironmychest

      You hit a nail square on the head with this post. I already sweat enough – is the hot, stale room all that necessary? I either sweat more (which I’m self-conscious about and will then sweat even more thinking about it) or fall asleep in child’s pose. Now there is a great position! Child’s pose…

    • Marcus

      Five Things I Hate About People That Write About What They Hate About Yoga

      Most often the people that are writing about yoga are on some sort of Bandwagon about how everyone else is “doing it wrong”.

      1) They have only been involved for less than about a year and are an out of work journalist or copy editor looking for an easy target
      2) They have no idea what yoga actually is, they are still taking their teachers word for it (they still only have one teacher – it was the first one they could find in their area)
      3) Just because they have a new WordPress Blog they think this entitles them to be as stupid as they like
      4) They think yoga is just a “silly phase” that people “go through”. Well, it isn’t – and that is another thing they just can’t get over and they tell us that they will make that the subject of the next article – HOORAY!! (Me can’t wait)
      5) They think chanting is weird and cultish because – like much else they do in life – they don’t take the time to really understand what might be going on.