• Thu, Jul 8 2010

Do You Think That This Is a Sexy Picture?

This is a picture of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the model who will be taking over for Megan Fox in the next Transformers movie. It is certainly interesting to look at, but is it sexy? Do protruding ribs cancel out a skimpy bandeau top?

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  • Kelly

    skimpy bandeau top? I think that’s just a black bar over her nipples.

    • Lilit Marcus

      You say potato, I say bandeau top.

      OK, though, seriously, you’re right.

  • gross

    uh, gross. seriously. eat a sammich.

  • Eileen

    I don’t think she needs to eat; I think she needs to exhale. She’s got thighs and a bit of a muffin top – she’s just clearly sucking in her breath, and it’s not very attractive.

  • porkchop

    While eating a singularity will result in weight gain of approximately 700 quadrillion tons, it’s a highly effective waist-whittler…

    (also, wearing black on a black hole is too “matchy-matchy”)

    • Jennifer Wright

      Has Jenny Craig officially recommended eating a singularity? Can you help advise me on how many Weight Watchers points it is?

  • Hilary

    No it’s not sexy. That fat bitch has a muffin-top!

  • Jamie B

    This makes me sick to my stomach. THIS is what we want our daughters to think is pretty? I fear the day that my daughter gets old enough to look out in the world and compare herself to this. I am literally nauseated.

  • Abby

    Her torso looks like ET

  • Grace

    I honestly threw up a little in my mouth when I saw this picture.

  • Michelle

    Even if she is just ‘sucking in’ I highly doubt anyone’s stomach should go in that far and show off their ribs that much. It looks like an alien and is frankly disgusting. Flat wasn’t unattainable enough for people, we now have to strive for concave….

  • Fun

    This is sick looking, and far away from anything called sexy.

  • Kellie

    Seriously, Rosie does not look like this in real life. If you want to get angry, get angry at the photo editor. Also, children are young, not stupid. A lot of children see images like this and know that something is off.

  • jillsmo

    Ew, no. Not sexy.

  • Gasp

    I think it’s very sexy. I also think that starving children in Africa are starting a fund so that Rosie can have money for food.

    • St. Elmo

      Haha, that’s hilarious.

  • Michelle


  • Caitlin

    Not only is the picture itself disturbing and makes me want to force feed her a brownie, but the idea that the whole team of people who would work on this photo shoot, and the people who would publish it, would think that this is condonable. Both horrifying and morally repugnant. A+

  • Kate

    Oh yeah baby.. i’d tap that… lol jk. Thats gross and im glad im at least a healthy weight. The joys of being 16 and having this to look up too.

  • Iris

    um…everyone knows this is photoshopped to hell and back right? I hope. O_o

  • Bianca

    definitely not sexy…

  • tiger

    um…that’s not a skimpy bandeau top. that’s a black censorship bar put there so we won’t see nipples with our naked eyes (oh my god – my eyes are naked!!) and die. because everybody knows that’s what happens when you see nipples.

  • hachiko


  • Mickey

    Looks weird, just like she is breathing in? Is she underwater?

  • Maureen


  • Paulo

    Showing ribs on a woman is absolutely not sexy but gross and disgusting. When a woman’s ribs show she’s exposing her underweight which is not healthy neither…!

  • gandalf

    to be honest i find ribs extremely sexy and i would not hesitate to destroy this woman with my cock in seconds.

  • Guy

    This is a picture of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the model who will be taking over for Megan Fox in the next Transformers movie. It is certainly interesting to look at, but is it sexy? Do protruding ribs cancel out a skimpy bandeau top?

    I think this is sexy. I think girls this skinny can be really hot if their face is really hot and seductive like this and like other models. I hate all this bandwagon politically correct talk all the time about “oh skinny girls arent hot.. they must be starving themselves and they should go eat bacon!”. …. “‘guys love curves, not slimness!”

    Yea some people have different mentalities, perspectives and desires and may prefer fatter women, but others (probably the majority) get hornier from slimmer women. It’s probably more natural for humans to be slimmer because we’re meant to eat healthy nutrient rich food that keeps us slim without having to “have an under-eating disorder”, not white bread and sugar water like north america and some other counties eat now.

    This woman is too skinny i think, and may eat too little or something, but shes still pretty hot.
    Also she’s probably sucking in her stomach .. but she’d still be very skinny without sucking in her stomach.

  • Erik

    Protruding ribs on a woman are definitely not sexy at all but even a bit gross… Women with ribs showing are way too skinny and should eat some more!

  • metalhead

    This is sexy