Dunkin’ Donuts Finally Gets the Culinary Respect it Deserves

The donut chain’s pastry chef, Christopher Boos, was named by Dessert Professionals Magazine as one of the top ten pastry chefs in the country. No, I don’t know about that magazine either, but a) I should, and so should you, and b) they clearly have highly discriminating taste. I couldn’t agree more with this selection.

Now the question is, does that mean that DD will open up a store in California? Probably not. (For those of you who don’t know, there is nary a munchkin in Cali. Very depressing.) This should the the cause that I align myself with. Forget reproductive rights, gay marriage or cleaning up the stupid oil spill. I think that more lives would be made better by the introduction of DD to the west coast. Who’s with me?!

P.S. The guy in the picture isn’t Christopher Boos. That’s Fred the Baker, a.k.a. actor Michael Vale, of “time to make the donuts!” fame.

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    • Jennifer Wright

      You know, I’m happy for the chef (because I’m pretty sure head chefs for fast food chains get almost no love) but I almost always feel like Dunkin’ Donuts leave a weird, pasty aftertaste.