10 Terrible Trends We Admit to Trying

Silly Bandz are everywhere. Literally, they’re everywhere. On the street, in the subway, on the floor, in the bathroom, on young kids, moms, dads, boyfriends, girlfriends and I’ve even seen a Silly Band on a dog’s paw. They’re taking over the world with their neon colors and whimsical shapes. That got me thinking about the trends I wore when I was a kid. And then I surveyed the others in the office and we reminiscied on the trends we took part in. These were our favorite to look back on. What are yours?

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    • lillibet

      I remember these, but I’ve since graduated to clip on earrings :D

    • lhartman

      I had these! Mine were black and white as well. And my mom thought she was super cool for letting me get them!