Victoria’s Secret Will Be Making Halloween Costumes

Having conquered swimsuits and lingerie, Victoria’s Secret is now trying to get in on the all-important Halloween costume market. Might we offer them some suggestions? These all come directly from the last-minute ensembles my friends and I pulled together in college.

  • Slutty nurse
  • Slutty cavewoman
  • Slutty angel
  • Slutty cop
  • Slutty kitten
  • Slutty fairy
  • Slutty devil
  • Slutty French maid
  • Slutty witch
  • Slutty pumpkin
  • Slutty ghost
  • Slutty Princess Leia
  • Slutty rabbit
  • Slutty slut who sluts
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    • wintour4pres

      Definitely did the slutty fairy my freshman year. We also did slutty basketball players. Last year, we just wore black leotards and heels and called ourselves background dancers from the “Single Ladies” video. It was probably the sluttiest halloween costume I’ve ever had.

    • gotplaid

      I would love to see a VS take on “slutty pumpkin.”

      I think I’ve found my muse for this year’s Halloween.

    • Eileen

      Count me among the girls who stay covered-up at Halloween…okay, granted, last year I wore a cardboard box wrapped in wrapping paper, but I also wore a sweater, shorts, and stockings underneath it. The year before I was Snow White (no cleavage, skirt below the knees), and the year before I think I wore scrubs and latex gloves and called myself a doctor. Maybe VS can inspire me…?