What’s Up With Katy Perry’s Boob?

Is it just me, or is that some wacky side boob? It looks like a very shiny, very plastic sphere, with an incision on the edge. Kind of like…a boob job.

[Image via People.com]

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    • kristin

      a boob job for sure

    • H

      Maybe she’s wearing a NuBra?

    • April

      Aw, give her a break guys… the “incision scar” could just be a reflection from the sequins. Yes? Maybe?

    • Regan

      Maybe it’s just a stretchmark – most people have them…

    • katherine

      ps–anyone who’s had a boob job or seen one where the incision was under the boob knows that what you can see in the picture that looks like it could be an incision scar is NOT where it would be if it actually WERE an incision scar. Just sayin. if that’s a boob job scar, she has a retarded surgeon.

    • Oliver

      I have a scar like that, could have been chest drains. Has she been in a traumatic motor vehicle accident?

      Otherwise smallest, most pointless boob-job ever.