Exclusive: Former ‘Top Model’ Allison Harvard Is Not Working In the Fashion Industry

A Gloss spy spotted America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12 runnerup Allison Harvard last weekend in Brooklyn. However, she didn’t spot Harvard at a modeling shoot or fashion show – Harvard was working as a cater-waiter at a wedding and wearing chunky glasses that helped conceal her recognizable eyes. Harvard got press before her season of Top Model aired because of her presence on the website 4chan, where her picture appeared regularly as a meme. However, like many other past contestants, Harvard’s career seems not to have panned out.

Because Top Model casts for drama as much, if not more, than suitability as a model, many of the women who have appeared on the show have not gained a foothold in high fashion. While there are certainly exceptions (Adrianne Curry, the show’s first winner, spends more time modeling for Playboy than anyone else), it appears that Harvard also fell victim to the show’s string of bad luck. Her Wikipedia entry notes that Harvard had “considered” signing with an L.A.-based modeling agency, which doesn’t sound positive or like she’s getting much work.

When a guest at the wedding said, “Wow, you look so much like that girl who used to be on America’s Next Top Model,” Harvard reportedly said “Yes – I look like her because I am her,” walked away, and did not come back to that section of the reception hall for the rest of the night.

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    • Popopo

      Nous Model Management in LA offered to sign her, but she declined the offer.

    • Kirsten

      I had her in a class last fall. University of North Texas. It was a French class.

      • unpersoned

        Care to elaborate?

    • johnnycomelately

      But her last name is so elite!

    • nicollette

      HA! I had a run-in with Shandi from ANTM at the Empire State Building Walgreen’s a few years back and the dialog was almost exactly the same:
      me “Has anyone ever told you that you look like that runner-up from ANTM?”
      her “Yes, because I am her.”
      Gulp. I guess these girls get that a lot…

      • Lilit Marcus

        SHANDI! Man, the scene of her on the phone telling her boyfriend she cheated on him is one of my favorite reality TV moments ever.

    • boobookitty

      she’s not working in the fashion industry because she doesn’t want to be in it

    • uhh

      what a beeeeyootchhh

    • Twee

      Maybe she was just yeasty that day or something.

    • Liz

      True story – she was my waitress at the Galapogos Art Space in Dumbo last night.

      • unpersoned


        Actually, come to think of it she served me a double Whopper combo at Burger King last week in Tucson. When I asked for extra ketchup she said, “I was on Top Model, go get your own f*cking condiments a*shole!” and then she threw a shoe at me. Then I rode off on my magical flying Pegasus and was given a bath by the Queen of England. True story. Anybody else see Allison?

      • Kendra

        Mine too

      • Tia

        She was my waitress at Galapagos last night! Gorgeous as ever.

      • bumbumdirty

        Maybe it’s not a great idea to be posting information about where she might be on the Interent! Good job as*holes.

    • allison


      • Scott

        I would love to think that this post was from THE Allison, lol! I do hope she’s doing ok though.

    • blasphemer

      copied and pasted from the ANTM LJ Community… i found this comment very interesting.

      ”hate to be a party pooper but i dunno the exact dates but i’m pretty sure allison was back visiting her fams on the 8th in Texas….so that makes the likelihood of her being at the wedding less likely.anyone can easily make that shit up…. just sayin’. maybe all this is… is a matter of a really bored fan trying to sound relevant?”



      i never noticed how she looks like the scary girl in the grudge.. i’m so sad that this has happened to her!

      • tabatha anglin

        i used to look up too her she was so ppretty she had extenstions and blond hair i used to look up to her but now she should look up to me

    • Mark

      She should try the movie industry, or TV. I liked her better than Teyona.

    • RG

      I saw her at specs in spring, texas.

      • Nadogryazi

        Simply, under a table

    • Allisonharvardbesttopmodel

      Best top model Allison
      Chanel should have signed her or at least lance with those gigornomous eyes! She is prettier than Kate moss but with same look! The estee lauder girl looks like a giant horse compared to her

    • judith

      love this girl. and I loved the song she made. knew she would be talented in that as well.

      but if she doesnt want to be in the industry, I dont blame her.
      I dont think I would have fitted in with all these loudmouthed b*****es either…

      dont get me wrong, I still like the loudmouths :)

    • maysh_ele

      i just hope she will get that big break she deserve..she is multi-talented and down to earth..I really like her a lot. And Im sure she’l go far. she is already an all-star…by the way did I mention she is High fashion! So let us not worry too much and be preoccupied by such.

    • Allifan

      This could’ve been just a look a like who had enough of “you look like ___”
      Allison is modelling now. SHe just walked in 3 shows for New York Fashion Week this year.