Some Incredibly Amazing Dystopian Novels You Should Read

People at Jezebel seem to be recounting their favorite romance novels right now. I’m not going to do that. Because I don’t like love. I only like zombies. So does commenter Feeth (who recommends Cloud Atlas, which sadly, I have not read, but am now going to). So here are some crazy awesome dystopian novels that hopefully you might not already have heard of. The apocalypse makes for great summer reading.

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    • Nadine

      I know once Oprah gets involved shit gets questionable, but I’m surprised Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is missing from the list.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I’m really ashamed to admit I haven’t read it yet. I should – I think I’d love it – there was just a period where it seemed like such a trendy book to read, and I think a little, 15 year old part of me was all “F U popular things people like!”

    • nolalola26

      I’d also put the Pesthouse by Jim Crace on there. It’s just amazingly good. I couldn’t put it down.

    • WhiteLady

      Cloud Atlas is a great book, one of my top 5 ever. I think you will enjoy it!