Forever21 Maternity Line: The Ads and 6 People Who Could’ve Used This Line

Forever21′s new maternity line has sparked major controversy, especially because several of the five states where they are selling the line happen to be states with a high rate of teen pregnancy. From a marketing standpoint, it’s a genius move. The companies that are the most successful know who their target audience is and where to find them. But something about this just seems wrong. Forever21 makes no secret of being a religious oriented company. They even print “John 3:16,” a well-known Bible verse, on the bottom of their shopping bags. Back in 2002,  in an article from Shopping Center’s Today, the CFO of the company, Larry Meyer, confirmed the young target consumer of Forever21 by saying, “We keep our inventory extremely fresh, keep attuned to what’s in the market and see what the fashion people are wearing. And we make sure that it’s appropriately priced to meet the pocketbook of an average teen-ager or 21-year-old.”

So there it is – even more reason to believe the maternity line is aimed at a younger generation. I have a feeling Forever21 was saying “OK, so you got pregnant and that was a mistake, but at least you’re keeping the baby. We might as well dress you to look good and save some money so you can buy diapers and formula and other baby stuff.” And although we can berate them for their endorsement of this, it might prove to be a smart move. Here are a list of people who could’ve used this line.

1. Jamie Lynn Spears. Even though the line isn’t available in Louisiana, when she goes to visit big sis Britney in California she could’ve picked up a few cute items.

2. Bristol Palin. Luckily, the line is debuting in her home state of Alaska, she would’ve been a great celeb endorsement seeing as she was all over the news. And remember when her mom was under scrutiny for all those expensive clothes she bought from Neiman Marcus? Her daughter could’ve added some balance to that by sporting some looks by Forever21.

3. Big Love cast. This would be great because all those polygamist pregnant teens can get a much needed makeover. And I wonder if this is another coincidence that the maternity line is going to be sold in Utah.

4. Secret Life of the American Teenager. I doubt you need me to explain this one. But I see a new season filled with some awesome new looks. Also, it should be noted that this show was created by the same person who created 7th Heaven, which is filmed in California and defintely had some pregnant girls.

5. Quinn from Glee. Maybe it would’ve been easier to partake in those performances with pregnant-friendly leggings or maternity underwear. And isn’t Quinn always talking about how she’s broke because her family abandoned her after they found out about her teen pregnancy? Forever21 dropped the ball on that one, seeing as Glee is set in Ohio.

And last but not least, the girls of 16 and Pregnant on MTV are probably going to get lucky with some free goodies from the mega store to give their line some more exposure.

Take a look at new ads promoting the maternity line. Please, share with us your thoughts… we’re dying to hear.

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    • lhartman

      I love heels! 5 inches, no problem. But I kind of feel like pregnant women in heels look like they’re going to topple over. And it’s even worse trying to wear them and carry about a 1 year old on your hip. Then if I would fall, I would not only break my ankle, I’d crack my daughter’s head open. For these reasons, I had to give up heels while pregnant and carrying around my beautiful daughter. Now that she’s almost 3 and never wants to be held, bring back the stilettos!

    • Andygirl

      First, you do know that Glee is fictional right?

      I don’t think it’s wrong, I think it’s brilliant. What do teen and young moms to be have to choose from? Not much. And the maternity wear out there is both pricey and dowdy. I know some twenty-something moms that would’ve shopped at the 21 if they could’ve.

    • Eileen

      I don’t see this as encouraging teen pregnancy at all, just accepting the absolute fact that teenagers and women in their early twenties are sometimes pregnant – by accident or by choice. Why shouldn’t they have inexpensive, age-appropriate clothing to wear? As for Utah: modern day Mormons are not polygamous, but they do marry young, and often they have children young. A woman who’s twenty-three when she gets pregnant for the first time probably doesn’t have a lot of money to spend (especially on maternity clothes, which you’re only going to need for a couple of months) and probably wants to look her age.

      I’m just saying, refusing to sell maternity clothes designed for young women hasn’t kept young women from getting pregnant.

      • marcy harris

        Eileen is right about Utah being a good market even if Mormons are not polygamous (and they are decidedly not). Since young Mormon people are strongly advised against “shacking up:–they get married when they are of the “marriageable age,” and also, by and large desire to have a large number of children as well as being very, very fashion conscious and taking pride in their appearance, of course this will be a good market for maternity sales.

    • AuntBeast

      What I find interesting about these ads is that they didn’t plop wedding rings on all the models. It seems like that would have been an easy way to deflect any controversy.

    • caseybear

      i think that this is an amazing idea. i’m 23 and super happy to be giving birth to a wonderful baby. i have always had great style and i’m afraid that when i get bigger i wont have anything stylish to wear. so for companies to expand their clothing sales is a great thing for them and for us young stylish women who cant wait to have our babies. who says we need to look dual and boring? not anymore!!

    • Sarah

      Hm… you can’t really use an article from 2002 to judge what a companies motives are today. That was eight years ago. Since then, Forever 21 has expanded their lines to try to go after the mid- to late-twenties market.

      I don’t buy Forever 21 clothes because the quality is crap. But I don’t think teenage girls are going to get pregnant just to wear the Forever 21 maternity line.

      • Lauren

        It’s not that girls will get pregnant to wear this clothing. The problem is that the whole concept endorses young girls getting pregnant. If you’re at a stable point in your life where you can have a baby young, go for it. But young girls have NO IDEA how hard the rest of their lives will be. They have NO concept of “this is for the rest of your life,” because no one really does until they’ve had more than two decades of time to discover themselves. And if you can’t afford expensive clothing to start with, how are you going to afford raising a baby?! Because they’re your responsibility until they’re 18 and even then they can stay much longer, and they get more and more expensive as time goes on.

    • Stephanie

      I think that some of the points brought to attention were by people who have too much time on their hands. This does absolutely not endorse teenage pregnancy, Forever 21 even named their line Love 32. It’s right there in the name. No rings on their fingers does not automatically mean that anyone was knocked up either. In this day and age a number of types of relationships plan pregnancy without feeling the need to get married, the perfect example would be Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

      • Lauren

        Angelina and Brad are millionaires! and they’ve lived a good portion of their lives before giving birth to others. Generally speaking, young unmarried girls have been “knocked up,” as the general understanding of this phrase is to be pregnant. period. Perhaps “unplanned pregnancy” is a more appropriate way to describe these situations.

    • Rocota

      It would be nice to be able to buy some inexpensive maternity clothes. Other brands can be very expensive there are lots of women in there 20s even 30s that shop there already