Tell Us About Your Best Guy Friend, Win A “My Boys” DVD

Some people at The Gloss at have some pretty close male friends. Not because we want to date them (though yes, there are always going to be references to When Harry Met Sally) but because having friends of the opposite sex is great.

And fortunately, there’s a comedy that’s all about girls who like guys. My Boys centers around  PJ Franklin a twenty-something female sports writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, whose ‘family’ consists of a bunch of lovable guys who share all her favorite pastimes – sports, poker and beer.

We don’t love sports, poker OR beer – but the show did make us think about some of the completely stereotypical things we love about our (straight) male friends. For instance:

They do not think that you’re ordering nachos while they’re have a salad because you’re a bitch. They just think nachos are delicious.

They’ll never accuse you of flirting with their boyfriends

They will go see zombie movies with you and be excited about them

Yes, they can set your DVD up for you. Or not. Either way, they will not back down from the challenge.

They think that the fact that you can coordinate a blue tie with a white shirt for them means that you “know everything about fashion.”

But wow, those are completely stereotypical. Tell us in the comments what makes your best guy friend awesome and we’ll send the person with the best response a copy of the DVD.

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    • nolalola26

      Biggest & most important thing: they are not passive aggressive. If they are mad at you, they’ll tell you. Then you apologize & promise not to do it again and when they say “OK cool let’s get a beer,” it really is truly over. They won’t harbor secret hatred towards you like certain female friends might. Also they will be honest with you. They will say “What’s up with your hair?” when your hair looks awful. They will say “You’re being a bitch” when you’re being a bitch. I love my guys because with them, I always know what’s up.

    • Sarah

      I have two great straight guy friends – one in my hometown (Chris), and one where I’ve lived the past 10 years (John). They both are hysterically funny – I laugh nonstop when I’m with them. I can talk about things I talk about with my girlfriends, but I get a different perspective — and they always lay it all out there… sex, my boyfriend problems, work, etc. A lot of times, girlfriends don’t want to hurt your feelings, so they lie to “protect you,” but I think that guys either don’t realize they may hurt you, or just want to be honest about situation. Either way, I appreciate their honesty. And there’s no sexual tension; I want to meet their girlfriends and hang out with them. I also feel like I get an insider’s look on what guys are really like. Insightful, to say the least.

    • Eileen

      I have a lot of guy friends, but this one incident just sticks with me: We were eating ice cream. I complained that I should probably watch what I eat because I’d put on a little weight (a grand total of about two pounds, probably, but still). He looked at me (this part is important) and said coolly, “Shut up. You’re hot. Eat your ice cream.” End of conversation.

    • Jamie Peck

      My best guy friend is the dude I lived with my last three years of college. He would often come into my room and entertain me with magic tricks, because he’s a fucking magician. He also didn’t care what a slob I was (because he was too), and was always down for ordering chips, salsa and beer from the Mexican restaurant when we were too lazy to go out and buy the beer ourselves. He’s the best!

    • Erin Grant

      My best guy friend Collin is truly one in a million. This last spring, he and I went to visit on of my best girlfriends from high school at her college in Minnesota. After a few drinks, her, him some of her friends, and myself decided to head downtown to continue the fun at the bar scene. While walking down the street after one bar, and a few more drinks, we passed a guy wearing a Mighty Ducks tshirt with the name Banks 99 on the back. I stopped in awe and told the guy how amazing I thought his shirt was. I couldn’t stop talking about how much I loved it the rest of the night. My birthday followed a month after that and Collin came to my birthday bar crawl that was about 45 minutes away. He came up gave me a huge hug, in his donald duck tshirt, and said he had a present for me that was to be delivered. He told me to guess and after 3 guesses he stopped smiling. I had guessed correctly; He had purchased the Mighty Ducks tshirt I had talked about that one weekend a month ago. It’s not lovey dovey story, but it is definitely one of the nicest things, and best presents ever, someone has done for me!

    • Claire

      I might not be the perfect girl friend – I have my moods, I can’t appreciate ogling some girl’s “ass” or “tits,” and I’m pretty sports stupid – yet none of this seems to matter to my best guy friend who, put simply, is amazing. He’s definitely eccentric (you might even say he’s a bit bizarre) and because of this, he gets me on THAT level that no one in high school, junior high or in younger years ever did. He has a great sense of humour and tends to play “victim” off my sarcasm in a way that allows us to spar for ages. We can talk about everything and nothing; we can talk seriously or randomly. Either way, our conversations never seem to die down. A favourite pastime involves riding in his car with the top down cranking out loud music that ranges from the taste of rap to a little bit of rock-n-roll. But I have to say that when it comes down to it, one of the main reasons he’s become my best friend is that he’s there for me when I need him. There have been nights he’s stayed up with me talking on the phone until either one of us falls asleep, simply because I lacked the company when I needed it most. There have been times he’s driven down to cheer me up – even though he lives an hour away. When I’ve cried, he’s held me until I’ve stopped and he’s wiped away my tears. The best part about it all is that we both respect our boundaries as friends, because that’s all we are. He respects the boundaries of my relationship and he respects my boyfriend. And to have that in as close a guy friend as he is to me is what sets him apart from pretty much every other male friend I’ve ever had.

    • Colleen

      My best guy friend started off as my boyfriend, about 8 years ago (I was 27)…we only dated for a year, and it didn’t work out romantically, but for the first time in my life, I really wanted to stay friends with an ex. There was a lot of caring and respect between us, and we really got along well–there’s just that thing you can’t put your finger on, that makes us great as friends but poor as lovers. We took things slowly in building the friendship post-relationship; it started off a bit awkward, but now he is truly my best friend. We hold post-mortems when one of us ends a relationship, to examine the good, the bad and the ugly. Because we once dated, we know the other’s flaws and can remind each other that we aren’t perfect in relationships–so we can’t just blame the other person. We can vent to each other about anything, ask advice about anything and give advice frankly and freely. He knows my talents and is always nudging me towards a greater career path. He took a career leap last year, and had to move to other cities in order to do it, so I miss him…but we still email constantly and have 5-hour coffee dates whenever he is in town! I can always be me with him…..he accepts my eccentricities; I accept his.

    • Meggy Weggy

      I’ve always gotten along with boys, and it’s incredible the kind of openness and acceptance you can find in them. My closest friends at the moment are all men, and each of them are incredible in their own way: Zac is a fabulous comic-artist; Andrew is a philosopher and an Expert Argument Instrument, who never lets my debate skills go to waste; Theo writes stories and creates religions in his spare time; Alex is skilled in the art of camping; Jason can play any videogame through in a single day (it is a fucking terrifying thing to watch); and Matthew, my best friend and boyfriend, is basically a counselor to everyone he meets, somehow managing to shed light on any situation, and offer comfort where it’s needed most. I see all of them at least once a week, and we all have the best time just being together and being great friends. They don’t make it awkward at all, my being the only girl – except when it would be hilarious to do so. Basically, I’m drowning in wonderful, talented, and freaking awesome guy friends, and I couldn’t pick just one to talk about. They’re the most amazing people, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

    • Christie

      My greatest memories from college are were the ones with my group of best guy friends during our senior year. Sunday Fun-days with my best guy friends were the best. Three of them moved into a house off campus, that was surprisingly not a bio-hazard, impressive for a bunch of 21 year old guys. Every Sunday, without fail, if I wasn’t sleeping on their couch already from the night before, I woke up to text messages or phone calls asking where the hell I was and telling me they were picking me up to go get breakfast. I would roll out of bed in my sweats, maybe even makeup from the night before and we would go get greasy bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches on everything bagels with salt, pepper, ketchup from our favorite bagel place. We would head back to their house and sit on their couch the entire day, watching movies, playing board games, and drinking beers and just relaxing all day, oh and of course eating fast food every few hours. It didn’t matter what I looked like, or that I was always the only girl there, they even were perplexed at why I put on makeup or even shower to come over! We would hang out all day, crowded together on their 2 couches and watch entourage at 10, which was all our favorite show. I was truly one of the guys to them. But the sweetest part was, any guy I dated or hung out with was never good enough for me….they were super protective!

      Also during our senior year, our school hosted a theme party every 50 days to count down until graduation. Without fail, they would show up at my apartment, an hour before we had to go and with a desperate look on their face “can you help me make my costume?” Typical guys, last minute as always. One of the best costumes was with my best guy friend, who gave me the nickname penguin our freshman year, and it stuck around (to this day!). At one of these theme parties, the two of us decided to dress as penguins, me being 5’2 and him being 6’2 it was quite hysterical to see a short penguin and a tall penguin in full costume standing next to eachother, we by far had the best costumes there!

      There are so many more memories to name, but they truly are always there for me and always ready to take me on an adventure!