Gallery: Vote For Your Favorite Comic Book Heroine

Angelina Jolie is planning on attending Comic-Con! Which made us think about some of our favorite comic book super-women over the years. Below are some of the characters who touched our hearts with their golden lassos and finely drawn cheekbones. Vote for your favorite – I’ll be sitting here clicking the Brenda Starr button 700 times.

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    • alexandra prats

      for the “Favorite Comic Heroine” poll, I put Other.
      My favorite comic heroine of all time is Halo Jones (The Ballad of Halo Jones, Alan Moore)

    • Nadine

      Anita Blake!

    • Tracy

      Where do I vote? Death is an awesome comic book hero!

    • waa
    • eEv

      Death for sure.

    • Laura
    • Nessa

      Catwoman, for sure. :)

    • Nessa

      Catwoman, for sure.

      I enjoyed her antics and the way the interacted with Batman. ;)

    • Lea

      Starfire all the way ^^

    • Megan

      No Kara Zor-el? (Supergirl)

    • Shaka

      The Black Cat (Spiderman’s girlfriend)

    • Ann

      Lois Lane. She totally counts. Modern Age Lois is love.

    • Ann

      Lois Lane. As one comic book aficionado said: Which is scarier: “It’s, Superman!” or “Lois Lane, Daily Planet”?

      Modern Age Lois is fierce and the Oracle (Barbara Gordon) said that she would prefer to go fight the Joker than face off against Lois. And she does it without powers, natch.

    • Al

      Gave the vote to Wonder Woman but numero uno for me is Dazzler!

    • Katri

      Enid Coleslaw or Silver Sable. Duh.