• Fri, Jul 16 2010

New York Times Profiles ‘Equally Wed,’ Wedding Magazine for Gay Couples

Leave it to the NYT to make a business story out of a love story, in “When the Bride Takes a Bride, Businesses Respond,” but I still appreciate the sentiment. A lesbian couple started the magazine Equally Wed after they couldn’t find any real help in planning their wedding from traditional bridal magazines. And I have to say, their take on planning sounds a lot more fun:

“There are no rules,” Kirsten Palladino said. “We can look to the history of straight weddings and take what we want and leave what we don’t.”

You know? I want a wedding with no rules!

Of course, there are issues that pertain to same-sex couples that might not pertain to hetero couple that the mag addresses, too:

…she also answers reader questions about whether a man should propose to another man with a ring (why not?) and whether a couple should invite homophobic relatives to their wedding (better to send them an announcement after the fact).

And that is some really, really useful etiquette.

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