• Wed, Jul 21 2010

10 Celebrities You Should Never Date, Ever.

Oskana Grigorieva? I want you to print this out and tape it above your bed. And for everyone else, if you end up dating one of these celebrities, you can defend them all you want, but we’re still going to believe you’re making bad life choices.

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  • Julia Friedman

    But Michael Lohan is SO hot! I kind of have this thing for men in mesh shirts…

  • georgeelliot

    You’re absolutely right on all counts; each of these men is dreadful in his own special way.

  • Taryn

    Where the hell is Chris Whiny Bitch Brown???

  • Venus in Furs

    Did The Hoff really pose nude with strategically placed shar pei puppies, or am I having an acid flashback?

  • Celebrity Smile

    Mel looks horrible on this photo, but I guess it matches his persona. lol


  • nolalola26

    UGH Michael Lohan is the one who turns my stomach the most. He not only (I’m strongly assuming) abused his daughters & their mom, he KICKED ONE FIANCE IN THE VADGE, then kicked the most recent one in the face! He also records phone conversations and was friends with another douche on the list, J-Goss. He’s just..awful.

  • virginia

    where’s the like button. funny!

  • Ben Bixby

    What? That gold-digging Russian cunt drove him to anger in his drunkeness..What a bitch.

  • Scott M

    I don’t carry water for O’Reilly, but fair is fair. He was a war correspondent in a combat zone. Having served myself with embeds, that’s close enough to back up the first part of his statement. The second part is hypothetical.

  • Sean

    Like Scott said, O’Reilly? Really?
    The rest are self-explanatory… and I’m no O’Reilly fan… but really? That’s just stupid to list him there.

  • Celebrity Smile

    Tom Cruise has a great looking smile. Who dosen’t wan’t those white teeth!

  • ron celebrity smiles

    i think this is really cool

  • celebrity smile

    ugly beard but at least he’s got white teeth

  • Jana
  • Heavenly Smiles

    Mel’s teeth are still so white I bet he uses this


  • Keep Smiling

    Ditch the beard, Mel, and the bad attitude as well. We prefer you when you are clean shaven, funny and smiling.

  • aBetterLife

    where did it all go wrong

  • Smiler

    I guess some people have nicer smiles than others.

  • smily

    why do man have more white teeth than women find it out……………


  • celebrity weight loss

    celebrity always find away to stay fit!!

  • celebrity male

    jennifer is hot!!!!!


  • Cushy Lip

    He did some great movice in his days


  • Celebrity Looks

    Some says their hairs,but what actually the celebrities looks?

  • Celebrity Fun

    Tiger Woods can still afford to display some white dentures with a smile even after a devastating divorce

  • Celebrity Fun

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  • cushy lips

    How about Prince william get married show be a big bang

  • alta white

    Mel looks good give him credit for what he has done in the past go mel


  • robjas

    Every star or celebrity has made a impact one way or another so we should definitely give them credit for what they have achieved.

  • Roy

    I would be smiling if i was that crazy looking!


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    help the world help your self

  • smile and the whole world smiles

    smiles make the world a nicer place nice the smile nicer the place


  • smile and the whole world smiles

    smile at someone it makes there day.


  • ray

    well at least he has got great teeth


  • alex

    mel look like bin ladden

  • Alta White

    Sounds like a great smile.

  • celebrity smile

    mel gibssons beared is veared,but eyas are deep.


    now look at the teeth, nice and clean! lol ;)

  • Celebrity Smile

    ha ha this is really funny blog i like it


  • Mango

    Mel looks scary! He has rage in his eyes.

    • Celebrity Smile

      Aish!!! you are right I think something wrong with him. he need help right now please

  • Forever Young

    You haven’t noticed that the celebrities sometimes look like s_ _t and all of the sudden they look young and great…

  • Milan

    Just need to smile

  • Alta White

    They are all frightening!


  • Andre Beaulon

    These guys need help… I can do that