Thoughts on Having Red Hair

When my parents saw me for the first time, their first words were, “really?” They were quite confused that they had just given birth to a red- headed child. Actually, I didn’t have red hair at the time. It was more of a peach- colored fuzz. The doctors predicted that my hair would lose it’s red color and turn into brown as I got older, but they were very wrong (I thought doctors were supposed to be smart). To this day, my family still questions the origins of my hair color.

I’m not a strawberry blonde. My hair is super red. Basically as red as red hair can get (if you can’t already tell by my picture). As a child, I hated it. My mother would never dress me in pink or red and I fell victim to many jokes. Some days, all I want to do is buy a box of brown hair dye, but then my thoughts subside and I think about how much I love my red hair.

Just the other day, I passed a store and all of the mannequins had red wigs on. I was very flattered. Later, I passed a five- year- old boy with red hair who excitedly shouted to his parents, “Hey! That girl has red hair too!” It was an adorable moment and it made me think: Wow, having red hair is pretty special. Maybe I’m being a tad sentimental, but when you have something that only 2% of the population has (naturally), it’s nice to find someone who shares it with you.

So I ask you, beautiful Gloss Readers, what makes you unique?

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    • Eileen

      I never got why redheads disliked their hair or why anyone ever makes fun of it. Blame Anne of Green Gables and my gorgeous redheaded best friend, but I always wished my (dark brown) hair were red.

    • GirlOverboard

      What makes me unique?

      Um… I can… cross my eyes independently of each other. Meaning, I can cross one eye while the other eye continues to stare you down. It doesn’t really make me beautiful, though. In fact, it’s actually kind of unflattering…

      I don’t really have any other unique identifiers, except that I’m told that I look like Summer Glau, but the problem with that is that it means I’m not unique at all because I look like somebody else. :(

      Oh, I can also flip my tongue upside-down in both directions or I can hold it sideways and wiggle it that way. That’s kind of neat.

    • Mils

      I am a full on redhead and I absolutely love my hair….I’d never ever change it :)

    • LeHermit

      I had about half an inch of red hair at birth, and it’s stayed that way all my life. Typically, I enjoy it, but there have been incidents that make me wish my hair was a more common color. Most of these incidents involve angry customers at the cafe I used to work at only remembering the red-headed waitress even though I wasn’t their server.

      Aside from the red hair, my most unique trait is my extreme flexibility. I can bend in all sorts of ways, and I do consider it a super power.

    • cori

      I’m naturally a blonde & was always teased about being dumb & constantly heard the dumb blonde jokes growing up. Now that I’m older it’s turned a mousy color & I’ve started dying it red. I’m super pale & have green eyes, so I’m envious of your natural color. It’s funny too that my 6 month old son has strawberry blonde hair so far :)