The eBabes: To Romp or Not?

This past weekend, the eBabes were enjoying a taco or two on a friend-of-a-friend’s patio, when a girl walked in, wearing a romper. All of our guy friends swooned (in a manly way). The eBabes were confused: Men like rompers? Not that we care what guys think of the way we dress — the eMoms raised us right. But it made us think: How can a girl pull off a romper successfully? Then we stopped thinking because Joseph Gordon-Levitt walked in. But we revisited the idea of one-pieces and came up with some dos and don’ts, based on real live eBay listings.

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    • wintour4pres

      Another Don’t: American Apparel rompers. I tried one on and it was a disaster. It was one of those “too bad to walk out of the dressing room and check yourself out in the bigger mirror/ get a friend’s opinion” moments.

    • Alexis

      The outfits are not that bad actually. I really like them. They’re stylish enough and some are even elegant.