10 Fashion Trends We Want To Bring Back

We’re bringing hoop skirts back, you other fuckers don’t know how to act. Our inspiration is Carla Bruni. Not because she wears hoop skirts, but because, according to Racked Carla was out wearing nude pantyhose like some kind of crazy person, and maybe she is brining nude pantyhose back.

We were not aware that nude pantyhose ever left. I mean, they’ve left us because it’s the end of July and it’s 92 degrees out, but we’ll probably start wearing them come fall again. Maybe because we are red hot fashion trendsetters, maybe because we’ve been doing so every winter forever. Anyhow, here are some legitimately defunct trends that we’d like to see someone try (caveat: not Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga doesn’t count).

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    • Sivan

      You can sign me up for the veiled hat, the hardcore corset, and the parasol. Caveat: items might not be worn simultaneously. A parasol is better an a prettier umbrella. It’s an umbrella for the sun! If you’re like me and you want that Elizabethan make-up look sans make-up then a parasol is a fantastic idea!

    • Venus in Furs

      James Brown wore a cape. So did Lando Calrissian. There is no reason why Venus in Furs should not wear a cape as well! The corset on the other hand….

    • ghostradomus

      When I saw the portrait of Queen Elizabeth, I was really hoping you were going to try and bring back her Medici collar. Because those should DEFINITELY make a comeback.

    • Robyn

      Amen on the parasol! I’ve been trying to find one – as well as a good garden party hat – for forever, but the best I can find are overgrown cocktail umbrellas. Is it such a problem to want to bring back a more elegant time?

    • Cary

      personally as a a fair skinner who burns in anything above 18 degrees I have always longed for the parasol to come back into fashion.

    • Sam

      I have a corset they’re fine as long as you don’t bring them in too tight. Moderation