• Mon, Jul 26 2010

How Do You Feel About Jewelry Made From Human Bones?

No, no, they’re not just any bones. They’re bones tied together to form a cross and jazzed up with really pretty gemstones. And they’re being sold by Churchyard for around $100 each. Which is a small price to pay to silently communicate to everyone you meet “yes, I am a serial killer, and what do you do for a living?” – Churchyard

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  • wintour4pres

    I guess it depends on who the bones belonged to.

  • Amy

    I only feel slightly less creeped out by bone jewelry than I did by the Bone Cathedral in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic. Google it at your peril…

    • Jennifer Wright

      I’m so glad I saw this right before I went to bed. My dreams tonight will be so pristine and terrifying!

  • Kyle

    Sadly the Boneyard ended as a business evidently, the site is no longer up, http://www.humanbonejewelry.com though seems to have risen quickly in its place.