I Do Not Understand Why The Wii Massage Game Exists

Okay, at first I thought maybe it was some sort of erotic game where if you massaged them well, the girls got naked. They don’t. So I guess this is a game for people who dream of being paid for the most fleeting physical contact. Will no real life people allow them to touch them? None at all? After it goes on sale August 9th, someone needs to give the purchasers of this game a hug.

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    • foxyspoon

      As a massage therapist, this makes me want to cry. Also, the last thing I’d want to do after work is plug in my Wii and virtually massage someone, and I can’t imagine this appealing to the masses either.

      • jacky

        I’m not a massage therapist, just a gamer, and if the price is not skyrocketing (5 dollar is enough, ok?), I might get this… instead of receiving massages I’ll stick to my swimming pool, cheaper and healtier!

    • wintour4pres

      I’d rather spend the money getting an actual massage for myself.