It Turns Out That Vitaminwater Isn’t Healthy After All

Now, you may be confused as to how this is possible because it has the word “vitamin” right there in its name. Those vitamins made of delicious sugar, apparently. Turns out that, according to federal judge John Gleeson, Vitaminwater’s claims about their product keeping you “healthy as a horse” are grossly misleading.

As such, they should no longer be able to use them in marketing. Gleeson remarked:

By including the suggestion that the product will “keep you healthy” or “help bring about a healthy state of physical and mental being” alongside such statements, the quoted language implies that the nutrient content of vitaminwater may help consumers maintain healthy dietary practices. I conclude, therefore, in light of the language and context in which they are used, that the statements on the “defense” and “B- Relaxed” labels constitute implied nutrient content claims which use the word “healthy.” Such claims are in violation of violation of FDA regulations because . . . vitaminwater achieves its nutritional content solely through fortification that violates FDA policy.

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    • Katie

      Okay– I really like Vitamin Water in spite of the implied premise that water needs to be improved. Not because I think drinking it will make me healthy, but because it’s really tasty and compared to other tasty drinks (such as soda, sports drinks, even juice) it’s very low in sugar and calories. And the vitamins are actually in there, 100% of your daily value for some (whether your body actually absorbs those vitamins is another thing). I agree that they shouldn’t be able to say it makes you healthy but neither should any product. The state of someone’s health is the result of many habits and choices, not a single product.

      • Bev

        Actually there is 32.5 grams of sugar in VitaminWater which is the same amount as soda and energy drinks. Also there are only very few vitamins in the drink, which are all synthetic, after the first two ingredients- water and fructose.