Modern Etiquette: Do Not Apply For a Job At A Place You Regularly Shoplift Clothes From

Here’s a hint for erstwhile job applicants: if you’re going to submit a resume somewhere, try not to submit a resume to a store you regularly shoplift from. A woman in Barrie, Ontario, applied to work at a clothing store. However, when she came in to interview, employees recognized her as the woman they’d seen on a security video of a shoplifter. Because her resume contained her full name, address, and phone number, it was pretty easy to find her and arrest her.

Oh, and to make this story even more awesome, the clothes she wore to the interview were the very ones she’d stolen a few days before. At least you know she really likes the merchandise, right?

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    • Beth

      Ohh man, I used to work at La Senza (like Victoria’s Secret but in Canada) and we had this obnoxious little girl that would steal all the time, from us and other stores in the mall. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about shoplifters other than follow them around and prevent them from stealing in the first place. A little while after I stopped working there, she came in and applied. We don’t have security cameras or anything in the store so we couldn’t call the police, but she obviously didn’t get the job at my old store, or anywhere else in that mall. Stupid, stupid girl.

    • Saskia

      I didn´t think there could be people that stupid and ignorant. How could she seriously apply for a job there?

    • Eileen

      I would just call her stupid, but until I worked retail I didn’t realize how much the salespeople do actually notice you. When I worked at The Limited, we knew plenty of customers’ purchasing and returning tastes really well (some even by the name on their credit cards)…made me wonder if they recognized me from the times I’d shopped there.