Gallery: Crazy Liberals Launch Smear Campaign Against The Pope

Liberalist shenanigans have erupted, leaving dozens of devout Christians confused and upset.

Jack Gould of ChristWire: Conservative Values for an Unsaved World expresses his horror in response to the tomfoolery:

In the following pictures, liberals sent these to me to try to upset and foul up my day. They titled it the ‘15 Gayest Pictures of the Pope” and are publishing these images is myriad publications, having little atheist orgies of celebration as they laugh and take the Pope’s name and image in vain. I hope they know the penance for their sins may just be burning in hell for all time.

Please, before reviewing these these images and the gross misrepresentation liberals are trying to take by construing them under the context of the gay agenda, order your wife and children to leave the room before reviewing. Please also pray for the souls and minds of anyone who would find these offensive campaigns against the Pope to be funny, as their place for all eternity will be under the steams pitchforks of Satan’s lieutenants in the torture chambers of Hell.

Mr. Gould, if you believe these photos to be as misrepresenting as you say they are, why have you posted them for the rest of the world to view? Because of you, my precious eyes have borne witness to evil. As my first satanical act, I shall spread these pictures to corrupt more people than you already have.

I apologize in advance if my terminology for photo captioning is a bit off. I’m Jewish.

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    • nolalola26

      If someone indeed sent him these pictures, and the purpose was to make the Pope “look gay,” that’s obnoxious. However, you’re right that he shouldn’t have then recirculated them in order to comment.

      I’m agnostic, and support gay rights, and think the Catholic church has a long history of looking the other way when it comes to child abuse. I do, however, have a big problem with the a-holes who sent in these pix. Depicting the Pope as gay? Come on, what are you 12? And when you do something like that, you’re saying “This is an insult to you, because being gay is a bad thing.” What was the point? Eh.

    • Camila

      just a tought for this Jack Gould
      - making jokes about pope’s images = hell for eternity
      -wishing a painful and slow death to people = GOOD
      yeah, makes total sense