Poll: Would You Date a Guy Shorter Than You?

During a recent performance, teen star Justin Beiber asked his costar, Disney princess Selena Gomez, if she could take off her high heels so she wouldn’t be taller than him. Gomez reportedly refused, saying “I’m not going to take off my heels. You’re short. Embrace it.” Though the two stars are only partnered on the stage and not in real life, that got me thinking – would you date someone shorter than you? I keep thinking of that awesome burn Nicole Kidman got in about Tom Cruise when Letterman asked her about their divorce – “Well, I can wear high heels again.” Would you date someone shorter than you, or is height a dealbreaker?

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    • Eileen

      Just as a point of interest – my mother is 5’10″ and my father is 5’3″. They’ve been married for 24 years and are still one of the happiest couples I know. When my mom’s friends questioned her judgment about a biracial marriage to a man half a foot shorter, she responded that it had taken her twenty-six years to find someone she wanted to marry and have kids with, and waiting for a tall white guy she wanted to marry and have kids with seemed just silly at that point.

      • Lilit Marcus

        I think I like your mom.

    • Julia Friedman

      I’m 6’2”, so I’ve learned to compromise. He has to be at least 6′.

    • nolalola26

      I’m only 5’5” so he’d have to be really short, which I just can’t find attractive.

    • SashinNash

      Agreed nolalola26 – I’m 5’2” so the guy would have to be incredibly short. I’ve dated guys close to my height (around 5’5″) and even that I’m not that into. Sorry, shorties!

    • Alix

      I’m only 5’4” and I’d PERFER a guy shorter than me. I think it would be cute as hell.

    • Kellie

      NOOOO. Iʻm 5ʻ6, and I have a height requirement. I donʻt date shorter than 6′ unless heʻs really good, then Iʻll let 5ʻ11 slide. Iʻm choosy. (:

    • Blythe

      Definitely! I have dated guys shorter than me or the same height (I’m 5′ 6 1/2″ tall). They’re so cute & cuddly! If he looked like Tom Cruise, I would definitely go for it! :-)

    • Cin

      I married a man shorter than me. I am about 5’5″ and he is about 5’4″…I did not go looking for a short guy but when you meet the right guy, the height will not mean so much to you anymore. He loves when I wear heels!

    • Allisaurus

      I’m 5’3.3″ and my boyfriend is about 5′. I love it. :3

    • L

      I’m about 5’8″ and I would prefer a guy my height or shorter. The guys I have really, actually wanted to date because they were funny, nice guys were at least three to four inches shorter than me. I hate the “me tall, me awesome, you shorter, you insignificant” feeling from dating a much taller guy. And also looking up at tall guys hurts my neck and also eyes from the sun. I had a teacher I hated talking to because I had to bend my neck so far back.