• Thu, Jul 29 2010

How Is There No Tim Gunn Fanfiction?

Jezebel just did a post on What Not To Wear fanfiction. “Well, that’s all well and good” I thought, “but I’m sure descriptions of Stacy London’s flowing locks have nothing on some serious Tim Gunn fanfiction. I mean, there are comic books that revolve around Tim Gunn.”

So I checked out Project Runway on Fanfiction.net, and there’s nothing. I googled “Tim Gunn fanfiction.” Nothing. How is this even possible? Tim Gunn is the uber-fanfic character. Even his sexuality is mildly ambiguous (we all know he’s gay, but you could have him play straight). He’s always perfectly dressed and has very recognizable mannerisms. Did I mention there’s a comic book about him? He’s pretty much the most perfect person to write fanfiction about, ever.

I was going to copy and paste some excerpts from great Tim Gunn fanfiction I found, but since I can’t find any, you should just imagine the rest of this blank space filled with tears. I’ll add in some asterisks to help you imagine them.


*                             *




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  • h.d.

    lol i found my way here when i googled “tim gunn fan fiction” and now i’m sad :/
    seriously, how can there not be any???? i’m shipping him with dmitry and i demand someone write that immediately!