Do You Consider Dating a Modern Form of Prostitution?

Yeah, neither do I. But Marc Rudov, who is a regular guest on Fox News and a self proclaimed anti feminist, does. He believes that dating is a modern form of prostitution because women expect to be paid for when they go on a date and they are willing to accept lavish gifts.

By his defintion, I am a prostitute. But I don’t listen to him, because he’s nuts. So phew, that was a close one, but I’m no longer a prostitute. This whole “to-do” happened because the state of Minnesota has banned “ladies night” at bars, citing that it is gender-based pricing which is illegal under the human rights act. I watched the video and here is what I derived from this alien formally known as Marc Rudov:

1. He is an actual alien. What guy (unless gay) does not want tons of girls at a bar? Unless the planet that he comes from doesn’t have bars, girls or sex, then this whole thing makes sense.

2. He has a Napoleonic complex. He must be less-than-well-endowed (if you know what I mean) and deal with some serious power issues.

3. It should be illegal for him to have a wife and/or daughters. Can you imagine that dynamic? It gives me the chills just thinking about it. This one is not a joke. Social Services should intervene if it ever comes to that. I may switch career paths, ditch this journalism degree and work towards a social work one because of him.

4. He went to his senior prom with his mom. Poor Marc didn’t get asked to the prom and had to go with his Mom. This is just a lesson to be nice to everyone, because you never know who is going to accuse you of being a prostitute.

I would just like to remind Rudov that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. Maybe the state of Minnesota should be more concerned with workplace gender-based pricing instead of the price discrimination on a watered down $7 mint mojito. The least these guys can do is buy us a drink. Chivalry, beware, Marc Rudov is coming to get you.

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    • Elle

      Meh, I’m against Ladies Night too. It’s a way to use women as sexual bait to lure men in, which is pretty gross, and it discriminates against men and they should totally speak out against it. Sexism goes both ways, people.

      This guy’s a tool though.

    • Eileen

      If women were getting free drinks to compensate for getting smaller paycheques, I’d be okay with it. They’re not. They’re getting free drinks because (while they are not prostitutes) the bars are treating them like prostitutes. A close friend of mine has been a fashion model since she was in her early teens. At sixteen, when she was still legally too young to drink, she was drinking free at upscale bars because she was pretty.

    • Molly

      Think, think, think… If you want to be equal then pay for your dating and entertainment equally! Why do we females get to have the option of thinking that the mere gracing the men with our presence is deserving of free stuff! I call BS!! Just flip the genders around in these scenarios, of course women who EXPECT to be financed by guys in social settings are not wanting to be equal, they want to be doted on, to be held up as precious, cute (maybe child like) and in need of financing. Do any of us dare stand up and insist (or even offer) to pay for a date?!?!? Women, let’s grow up.

    • Erin

      Oh phooey! It’s a free cocktail not fifty dollars for the powder room. So what if we’re being used to bait men to the bar they’re not saying to have to bang them once they get there! Lighten up. I live in Minneapolis and this makes me sad.

    • Erin G.

      Give me a break, there is nothing wrong with ladies night. I have attended many and will continue to do so, taking a free drink in a bar does not mean you have to flirt, date or even engage with any men. Many bars also give there regulars free drinks becaue they bring in other customers… are they pimps, prostituting out their friends for free drinks? Seriously people!

    • Cary

      Out of all the things that’s wrong and biased against women the existence/non existence of ladies nights is pretty low down on my list.

      Also Marc Rudov – I absolutely don’t expect to have things bought for me if I’m dating someone.

    • anon

      this author is an idiot. she completely ignored rudov’s points and brought up a bunch of irrelevant ones such as the wage gap myth

    • Askia

      Rudov is being honest, men are paying for the company of women (prostitution) i.e. her time in return for sexual favors. Is our time devalued because of our gender, the honest answer is in the eyes of women is “yes”. If men choose not to pay for dates women generally would never dare to do so..and would state with a disdaining pomposity of how he was cheap. And will not get any sexual favors for not paying for the pleasure of gracing him with her presence. This is a narcissistic and an completely delusional outlook, it is quite vain for women to feel this entitled. Ladies night is a form or gender discrimination, and is in violation of the Equal Protection Clause specifically ” intermediate scrutiny.” Girls don’t mind “discriminatory” practices or norms if it favors them but not when it disfavors them. To prove its discrimination what if the club or bar offered “hot ladies nights only” , “20-25 year old night” or “Caucasian night” for free. To remedy the situation you would have to make a Gentlemen’s night. When ladies accept expensive gifts and invitations for costly dates in exchange for sex they are in essence entering into similar agreement by definition as an escort or prostitute. Girls you can’t expect equality with privilege, for that is not true equality. I came from a country where there was one group with privilege and entitlement and the other group did not have it at all. It was called South Africa.

    • Esther Nance

      You do not have to go to a “Ladies Night” for a man to buy you a drink. That don’t make me a prostitue or even if he gives me a gift during dating.I have not gone to a club or bar in years but I never had to pay for a drink. I AM NOT A PROSTITUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I am 62 years old and I date if a man wants to give me a gift that is fine. I do not go to bed with them or do any other sexual favors for a gift or drink so now please look up the definition of Prostitute.