What’s In a Birthstone? When It Comes to Jewelry, A Lot

Do you even know what your birthstone is? They’re an old tradition, but many people still wear jewelry with the stone assigned to their birth month. Although it just seems like a cute way to get people to buy jewelry, birthstones have actually caused some friction in families I know. My friend Kira, for example, lucked out and got pearl as her birthstone (June), while her August-born sister was stuck with peridot. When they got birthstone earrings as Christmas gifts, Kira’s sister felt like she’d gotten the short end of the stick – and the less expensive gift. However, in my colleague Amanda Ernst‘s family, birthstones ended up bonding people together. She and her grandmother were both born in January, and when her grandmother passed away Amanda inherited some of her garnet jewelry. Now, looking at one of the pieces reminds Amanda of the connection she had with her grandmother.

Do you have any birthstone jewelry? Since mine is an expensive birthstone (sapphire; I’m a September baby) I don’t have any – although, believe me, I’m working on it. But I’m curious to hear if you guys a) know what your birthstone is and b) have any jewelry or accessories with your birthstone in it?

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    • Corporate Tool

      I’m an April baby, and I’ll give you one guess how many diamonds I’ve recieved for my birthday…

    • Orangerine

      This is the first I’ve heard of citrine being a November birthstone; I’ve always known it to be yellow topaz! Interesting. I have a few pieces of jewelry with my birthstone in it, but the only one I actually wear on a regular basis is a necklace with a tiny gold chain and the single jewel. Not very flashy; that’s why I like it.

      I’ve always liked my birthstone; even though it’s not the prettiest out of the 12, I felt its color made it unique. I’ve actually been recognized as a November baby from strangers when they see my necklace! Why? Because only November babies buy topaz jewelry; who wants to wear a brown jewel?

    • arhakim

      My mom got me a really pretty garnet (January represent) ring for my 21st birthday. I love it, but don’t often seek items with my birthstone.

    • Sarah C.

      I’m Ms. November, and I have an emerald-cut yellow topaz ring that was my great-grandmother’s and lives on my right hand. But other than that, I don’t wear my birthstone because I’m blonde with rosy skin, and yellowy-brown isn’t really one of my colours.

    • BriannaW

      I’m an April baby, so my birthstone is diamond, and although I’ve gotten some diamond jewelry as presents, none of it was intended to be “birthstone” jewelry. And when I do get “birthstone” jewelry, people usually cheap out and buy cubic zirconium instead.

    • allie

      I’m born in October and I have a tiny ring for my pinky set with a very small opal, which I wear everyday.

    • gotplaid

      I have a beautiful ruby ring from an ex that I adore. He slipped it on my finger the first time he told me he loved me.

    • deadgirlwalking

      I have an Opal bracelet and pendant which my mum bought for me from Australia.

    • Emily

      My father got me a (small) sapphire ring for my thirteenth birthday. It just barely fits my pinky now, but I always wear it on my birthday because it’s my “Birthday Ring”

      • Corporate Tool

        Not to be too off-topic, but you can always get the ring resized. Take it to any good jeweler, and they can make it more comfortable for you. It’s usually pretty cheap, and if it’s a ring that you like, and means something to you, you should be able to wear it.

    • Lindsay Hartman

      I’m November as well and I’ve always heard of it being Topaz. I got a couple of the cheapy fake “birthstone” gifts when I was younger, but I’ve never gotten any real Topaz for my birthday. In my family, the big jewelry present is pearls. At eighteen, my grandmother buys every granddaughter a string of pearls. And honestly, I like those better than any Topaz I can find, or Citrine for that matter.

    • shereadsbooks

      I’m August and a Peridot. Personally, I believe its one of the most fun stones – and a great representation of the summer. While it might not be an expensive stone itself, you can always add it to great jewelry. Among little pieces, I was given the classic cable David Yurman peridot bracelet and earrings, and I love them!

    • Kelsey

      Opal? Hell no.

    • cori

      My stone is July and I love my ruby birthstone. My mom’s favorite stone is a garnet & my engagement ring is her old one so I use the 2 interchangeably.

    • Emmy

      I’m a May baby and I love my birthstone. I think emeralds are really pretty. My mom got me a ring with an emerald and a few small diamonds in it for my 17th birthday a few years ago, and unfortunately I lost it :( it was too big for my finger and i was too dumb to know that I could get it resized. I hope to get a new one someday though!

    • jenny39

      I’m March and love my birth stone. I don’t have any jewelry with it yet but I’m actually hunting for an engagement ring with aquamarine!

    • Eileen

      February, amethyst. Someone bought me an amethyst ring when I was an infant (and therefore had no taste in jewelry yet myself). My sister has a garnet one (January), but the April sister doesn’t have any diamonds. I do know my mom bought my June cousin a pearl necklace, but she also bought similar ones for my sister and me, so I don’t know how birthstone-y that is.

    • rachel

      An “alternative” birthstone for June is alexandrite– I have a ring with alexandrite that my great-grandparents bought my mom (also a June baby) when she was little. My grandmother also bought me a necklace when I was born with pearls– like add a pearl every year (it was not meant as “baby jewelry,” which we’ll just hope doesn’t even exist). But I never really pay much attention, it’s like Zodiac stuff… My grammas are the only ones who really care.

    • MNR

      I love my birthstone (aquamarine) and my sister lucked out with diamond, but our poor mom’s is citrine! Ugh

    • Michelle

      February baby and sick to death of purple amethyst. I’ve been gravitating towards the ‘green amethyst’ jewelry I’ve been seeing arrive at my workplace, though.

    • Lizzy

      I’m an August baby. People tried to get me Peridot stuff when I was a little girl. I wouldn’t wear any of it. I’ve seen like 2 kind of pretty Peridot stones, and they’re not my thing. Most of the stuff is just straight up pee yellow-green.

      My mother’s an October baby and has a ton of Opal jewelry, though.

    • DD

      I’m an October baby so my birthstone is Opal. Supposedly it’s bad luck to wear Opals if they are not your birthstone. I like them a lot, but hate 99% of the settings I see them in, so I don’t bother getting any. Plus, they are very fragile and I’m hard on my stuff. Honestly, Peridot is one of my favorites!

    • Rose

      I’m a June and a few years back I got an alexandrite necklace {good coz I’m not super fond of pearls too first lady-ish for me} and earring set from my grandma for my birthday and I really do enjoy it I actually got it cleaned all nice and wore it to prom.

      My cousins all got them too. We all wear them a lot especially when we’re together. It’s the only birthstone stuff my cousin has being an April. Her mum says No Diamonds for her jewelry anyway.

      But I’ve never gotten a birthstone ring like so many of you are talking about. But I do wear one…it was an old engagement ring from my great aunt. Aquamarine and diamond…I guess that doesn’t count then.

    • Emmie

      As an April baby, I feel like I got the short-end. As a child, I wished I had a prettier, more exciting birthstone. Now I just realize that I don’t WANT diamonds, financially or ethically.

    • Judy

      I’m a December and I don’t like my birthstone! I would much rather get sapphires than blue topaz. Of course, the birthstone list changes depending on the source, but I still never wind up with a good one!

    • Ani

      I’m a March baby. I definitely think March babies have the WORST birthstone…have you ever seen anyone who is NOT a March baby wearing Aquamarine? No. There’s a reason for that…

    • Meg

      Mine is sapphire. It’s always been a tradition for the women in my family to have rings with their birthstones. I got mine when I was a kid, but I guess rings small enough for kids aren’t that strong, and the band broke in junior high. My mom said she would have it fixed for me, which she never got around to. But now it just so happens my engagement ring is also a sapphire, so it worked out!