So What Happened to Farrah’s Baby Daddy on ’16 and Pregnant’?

Unlike the other teen moms on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham’s storyline had nothing to do with the father of her child. Farrah has said that he’s not involved in her life, but it’s not just because he and Farrah had a bad breakup – it’s because he’s dead. Derek Underwood, Farrah’s ex, died in a car accident while she was still pregnant. Farrah is not in touch with Derek’s family, although considering the drama that went down in her own family this past season (her mother Debra was arrested for assaulting Farrah, and charges are being pressed) it might be a good idea for Farrah to build a relationship with them.

Below, the obituary for Derek:

Derek Anthony Underwood, age 18, of Council Bluffs, Iowa passed away December 28, 2008, from injuries suffered in a motor-vehicle accident.

Derek was born May 8, 1990, in St. Joseph, Missouri to Stormie Clark and Jerry Underwood. He moved to Council Bluffs 10 years ago and graduated from Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson High School in 2008. Derek was a waiter/server at Rick’s Boatyard in Omaha for the past year.

He is survived by his mother and stepfather, Stormie and Mike Clark of Council Bluffs; father, Jerry Underwood of St. Joe, Missouri; sisters, Alissa and Kassy Underwood both of Council Bluffs; grandmother, Rose Hawkins; great grandmother, Catherine Rice; aunt, Dawn Hawkins; uncles, Rick, Tony and Adam Hawkins all of St. Joe.

Visitation with the family, Tuesday, 4:00-7:00 p.m. at Cutler-O’Neill-Meyer-Woodring Funeral Home in Council Bluffs. Funeral service, Friday, 1:00 p.m. at the Meierhoffer Funeral Home in St. Joe. Reverend Gene Lee will officiate. Interment Memorial Park Cemetery, St. Joe.

There’s no mention of Farrah in this, and no mention of Sophia (who wasn’t born yet). From the previews, it looks like Derek’s identity and his death might finally be addressed this year on Teen Mom.

Update: The good folks at Starcasm were able to grab a photo of Farrah and Derek from Farrah’s Facebook page.

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    • Heather

      OMG, Sophia looks just like him. It’s sad that she is so selfish, she is preventing that baby from feeling the love and stability of family.

    • Vanessa Moreno

      She is not selfish. She is a good mommy. Her mom is such a witch to her. She is doing a great job as a mommy

      • jasamin

        i think u r right
        thinks for giving her credet

    • Kelly

      This is truly sad. I think the only way for Farrah to heal from this tragedy is to have (if she hasnt already) Dereks family be a part of Sophias life. It’s a blessing that, that child was born, and it is indeed selfish if Farrah is keeping Sophia away from them. I think, especially since Farrah has had a falling with her own family, reaching out to Dereks family (if they are willing) would be a great way to heal, grow, and conquer! That little girl looks exactly like her daddy. His family would definatley heal quicker seeing the face of their granddaughter.

    • EastCoastKat

      She is a good Mom, but she does need to be more vigilant! In the last 2 episodes, she was moving into the new apartment and she left the baby in the hallway for quite awhile by herself, then I saw the baby get her fingers slammed in a cabinet door, Farrah didn’t see it, and then she was giving Sophie a bath in the kitchen sink, she went and sat down on the couch and left the baby in the kitchen sink (which was on a high counter, she could have easily tumbled out) Sophie turned the hot water on and stuck her hand in it and cried, Farrah came over turned the water off and asked if the water was too hot, then went and sat down again on the couch, she is lucky that the baby didn’t fall out of that sink! She needs to be more vigilant!

    • brandie

      omg yes i saw her when she left her in the hallway and when she left her in the sink and she burnt her finger!!!! what the hell was she thinking???? and yes her mother is a little annoying but she was right ..she had a baby and wanyed to still be a teenager..uh hello she lost that right when she had a baby..let someone see me leave my child out in the hall way and see what happens!!!!! can you say cps!

    • alexus

      this is really sad if i was u farrah i would break dow cring

    • Rubens Mommy

      omg sophia looks jus like him…i mean everything about her does. its sad that lil sophi never got to meet her daddy or ever have the love of a father there. it is sad that farrah does not keep in touch with his family so they can get to know sophi too. but i mean its messed up too that farrah didnt want anything to do wit him while she was pregnant. and now she wants to cry about not having him there..well im sorry but its to late for that. im a teen mom to and i can never keep my baby daddy away from my son unless he threatens to hurt him or me or is in n out of jail or whatever. i mean grow up farrah your mom has always been there for you and gave you and sophia a roof over yals head…and now you want to not let her see sophia or have anything to do with either or you at all.. dam first it was ur exs family that u dont want her to c n now its ur own family dam…wats nxt ..???

      • bailey

        okay, farrah has a right to be angry and what she does with her family issues s up to her and not for you to judge. It’s her baby shes just doing what she thinks is best for sophia.

      • noahs mommie

        “rubens mommy” – your just being a judgemental perso so what if she didnt want anything to do with him he was abusive to her duh! why would she wanna stay with in abusive guy??? Im pretty sure she stayed away for the best!!! as for her mom and family their controlling of course they mean good but farrah is now an adult and dosent need her mother to be hovering over her! Not everyone has a perfect life! shes learning her own way and she is a very good mom and I knw she’ll make it on her own!

    • shata

      Im really sorry to hear about your sophias dad i dont know what i would do if thatever happen to me i wold not even be able to talk about it i would cry n cry every day but you handle t really good good luck with evrything i think she looks just like him and its sad to see him in her cause that would make me sadder

    • kiki

      i think she is doin the best she can with no real help. but at the same time who would want help from her crazy a** mom and her over sensitive dad. these young ladies chose to show us their lives we shouldnt judge after all if you dont like what you see change the channel

    • Ryans mommy

      Ummm ok farrah is not a good mom, sophi has burned her finger, fell of the bed, been left in the halway, when sophia crys farrah acts like its the worst thing in the world for her to hear. I love my son he is my world i would give him my last and that definatly includes my son being involved with all his family!!!! my son knows my side and his fathers side! Plus she has no idea what your baby dads family is going through in every death is a life im pretty sure his family would love to see the life that their son produced!

      • by dayia

        just cuz sophi burned her finger make farrah a bad mom. I think farrah is doing the best she chould do.

    • shantel ten

      I have to say the Farrah is doing the best she can with what she has. Can she do better of course I think we all can. As for her mother yeah she is a bit overbaring and nds to backoff. However put yourself in her shoes farrah is making mistakes thst her mother see’s. Her mom nds to be more patient and farrah nds to listen to her experience. It makes me sad because at the end of it no one has peace. Farrah if you read this buy yourself a good study bible ad talk with someone who is experienced and not judgemental in the word of God. Jesus will give you peace beyond your knowledge. Dr.Drew couldn’t help now itLs time to try the real truth. Stay strong.

    • shantel ten

      I have to say the Farrah is doing the best she can with what she has. Can she do better of course I think we all can. As for her mother yeah she is a bit overbaring and nds to backoff. However put yourself in her shoes farrah is making mistakes thst her mother see’s. Her mom nds to be more patient and farrah nds to listen to her experience. It makes me sad because at the end of it no one has peace. Farrah if you read this buy yourself a good study bible ad talk with someone who is experienced and not judgemental in the word of God. He willl give you peace beyond your knowledge. Dr.Drew couldn’t help now itLs time to try the real truth. Stay strong.

    • Jessica

      OMG Sophia looks EXACTLYYY like her dad! … She is sooo cute!

      • Norma

        Sophia is a girl verison of Derek……. =)

    • aiden’s mommy

      I think that farrah needs to grow up and i did see when she left the baby out in the hallway what the hell is she thinking someone could of took her or something i have a 2 year old an i dont ever leave him alone,i also saw when sophia feel off the couch. i think shes alil inresponsible if you ask me,she needs to focus on the baby and forget about dating,plus her mom is only looking out for whats best for baby i dont think its fair to shopia to not have here grandma there and or her dad’s side of the family either, They have every right to be apart of here life,after all i bet the father would want peace and see everyone getting along for the bby’s sack,they need to think about whats best for shopia and not them.

      • 504mommy

        Omg so since þhe baby fell off the sofa, she’s a bad mom? U people can’t be serious! U know the skills that one have to master to learn how to multitask meaning execute daily activities while raising an active baby. U guys are so harsh, its her 1st baby and trust me u learn more about babies dealing wit them than reading a book and in due time she will get it together…..and for the parents whom say their baby has never fell off the sofa……..then they must not have a sofa……….

      • SickOfIgnorance

        @504mommy — Umm I have two kids, was a teen mom with my first, have had quite a few sofas over the years, and my babies have NEVER fell off a sofa. ::facepalm::

    • farrah sucks

      ok so farrah you are a horrible mother & acts like a spoiled brat! If only my mom would be there and support me & give me & my baby everything I needed if I was a teen mom u ungreatful little brat! You used to be one of my favorite teen moms first season unroll second season! I think you are using sophia to try to be famous! That baby girl deserves to have a wayy better kite tan you provide! To farrags mom & dad thank god you guys give sophia attention! & to sophias daddy family, I’m so sorry for your loss … But you guys def. Deserve seeing rights & I hope you guys fight for sophia & give her alot more attention than the low life mother does! I swear if I was there when the baby fell off the bed or burnt her hand, god forgive me for what I would have do! Ferrahs mom & dad, i know you love ferrah …. But u need to teach that little spoiled brat a lesson & never let her talk to you the way she does ever! & for the people trying to stick up for her… Its time to throw in the towel & say the truth because she will never learn! Thanks!!

      • Moi

        Do you even realize what an idiot you sound like? You didn’t even spell Farrah’s name right half the time and it’s right there in the article.

      • Farrah’s bestie

        wow she did all she could do so shut the fuck up you couldn’t do what she did go on with uot a dad for her baby so SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ashley

      No one has the right to judge her unless you really know what’s it’s like to be in her situation. Just because you watch her on tv it doesn’t give you the right to make all of these stupid comments about her. You’re only seeing a small part of her life and probably don’t know half of what she actually goes through. Personally I think she’s doing a great job of being a single parent. She has a lot of things going for her. I thought it was super cute when her and Sophia were doing “CHEERS!” It seems like they’re going to have a great relationship. All of you were so quick to point out the negative stuff she does on the show. How about somebody mention something good she did. I LOVE HER MY FAVORITE ON THE SHOW. Farrah and Sophia keep your heads up!

    • Heather G

      I myself was a teenage mom but I was 19 and married. It is a hard situation to be in. Also, I lost a boyfriend when I was 16 and pregnant and I lost the baby from everything. I personally have watched Farrah grow on this show and become a great mom. I know the pains she feels and how hard it is. My husband was deployed for nine months right after our daughter was born. Being a single mom is hard, especially when you have no one to help. Farrah is trying to make her life better by going to school and trying to make it on her own. I made many mistakes, HUGE mistakes when my husband was gone and I’ve grown up since then just like she will.

    • lady gaga

      i just want to sat farra hi like u u just have to try n let it go ok i think u are a grreat mom dont let your mom or anybody bring u down ok i think u are a excillent person…….

      • OKReall


    • nessa

      i think farrahs mom is a bitch and i think farrah is trying her best to be a good mommy sooo ya :) u go farrah

    • OKReall

      ok really Farrah is trying to be a good mom for her daughter but the point is that she isnt a good person…she treats her mother terribly and does act like a brat so she needs so understand that she is not sending a good message to her daughter and she will be punished for treating her mother like that because some mothers neglect their children after they have kids but her mother stood by her so she needs to respect that

    • Robin

      I agree with some things almost everyone has said. I believe that Farrah does want to be a good mom to her baby, however many of her choices contradict that. She had a horrible break-up with her boyfriend where on the show she told him that she didn’t want him to have anything to do with her or the baby, despite the fact that he told her that he cared for her and wanted to be part raising the child. She unwittingly cut off her boyfriend and he died while they were in a bad place in their relationship. She still hasn’t learned her lesson because she’s doing the same thing with her mom. I know her mom is overbearing and at times has treated Farrah terribly. However, Farrah has also treated her mother terribly as well. Her mother has supported her emotionaly and finacially, giving Farrah money and a house to live in. I realize that her mother has had her moments, but every time her mother tries to say anything, Farrah cuts her off or tries to put her down. She didn’t learn her lesson with her boyfriend that life is truly truly short. Farrah won’t always have her mother and she should try to make the best of things while she still has her. I’m not blaming Farrah for everything… she’s just a kid… trying to make adult decisions. Everyone should realilze that… stop demonizing her… but people should also stop acting like she’s perfect and some type of hero.

    • marissa anya

      farrah you are a really good mom and you are the #1 teen mom i like the most and do not let your mom bring you down im really sorry for sophia because of what happen to her dad I really think you are a good mom to sophia and I just want to know that sophia was so chute when she was little and I hope you have a good life and sophia even your whole family!!!!!!

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