Finally, A Dating Site For Juggalos

The dating world is really tough for people who like to listen to horro-core music while wearing the make-up of Marcel Marceau. Really, really hard. Until now!

Now there’s Juggalove. It’s a dating site for juggalos. Here are some requirements I imagine you have to meet to participate in Juggalove:

An ability to embrace the fact that everything in the world is a “fucking miracle”.

An ability to answer the age old question “fucking magnets, how do they work?”

Realization that magnets are doubly fucking miraculous

Some ability to tell what faygo is (because personally, I have no idea)

The appopriate level of appreciation for this Law and Order Juggalo episode clip, and most importantly, all juggalos should not look alike to you.

Juggalove: Dating For The Wicked

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    • gotplaid

      Ah, yes, Faygo, one of the many gifts Detroit has offered the world.

      So it’s a fizzy soda (“pop”) that tastes like love and chemicals. It is often sold for the amazing bargain of 79 cents for a 2L bottle. Faygo is best in the Mutant Orange color, but also comes in other deelish varieties, like Really Really Red.

      It is found most commonly in the Midwest, though I heard from a Juggalette friend that Hot Topics sell 20 oz Faygo bottles nationwide for a ridiculous markup, as if it were a Jones Soda or something else that required time/energy to make. As ICP hails from the Rust Belt, Faygo has somehow worked its way into Juggalo hearts. One shakes the bottle and sprays it at said concerts in an act of wrath towards society and fellow man, I hear. If one proudly displays a Faygo sticker on one’s vehicle, it allows passers-by to identify one as a member of the Posse.

      You’re welcome.

    • Timothy Wright

      Jennifer, thanks for the review!


    • BobKoreB

      just lookin to meet new ppl since my chick drained my money and turned out to be a 2face trick