Hi, My Name Is Lilit And I’m Addicted to Lip Balm

It started when I was in elementary school. Bonne Bell made those “necklaces” where you could string a bunch of lip glosses on something that vaguely resembled a lanyard. My summer camp flavors of choice were bubble gum, pineapple, and Dr. Pepper. As I grew older, I graduated into SoftLips and Carmex. During my first kiss, I was wearing cherry chapstick (take that Katy Perry, because I was kissing a boy).

At any given time, I am carrying at least two kinds of lip balm with me. I’ll have one in a pot and one in a stick, minimum. One is always unscented/medicinal (Carmex again) and one is always scented (right now it’s peach… so summery). I’ll try just about any kind of lip balm known to woman. I once paid for a two dollar tube of lip balm with a credit card because I didn’t have cash on me but couldn’t bear to leave the store without it. I reapply about seventeen times a day. Or maybe an hour. And I cried the day Chaptastic stopped publishing. In other words, I am completely addicted to lip balm. I’ll take gloss, sheer, matte, colorless, scented, unscented… give it to me, and I’ll try it at least five times.

Am I the only one? Or would some of you like to join me starting a support group? I’ll be there at 5 with boxed wine and some Burt’s Bees. What, you don’t expect me to stop cold turkey, do you?

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    • CurlySarah29

      You’re not alone… I love Burt’s Bees, Carmex, flavored lip glosses, and most recently found something that I use at night – I got a tattoo a few months ago and they recommended putting Eucerin’s Aquaphor lotion on it. It’s sort of Vaseline-y, but not gooey like that. You use the smallest amount ever, and it has no flavor or smell whatsoever. For lip gloss, I LOVE this really cheap stuff I got at Target – NYC Kiss Gloss. I got the clear one – it’s minty, and pretty sticky, so beware if your hair is long… it’ll no doubt get attached to your lips. But it’s really shiny! :)

    • Hillary R

      Ew, I hate Carmex! Aquaphor til the end. And…REALLY hard to find but Vaseline Pocket Size Rosy Lips will change yo life. I mean it.

      Things I find offensive: soda-flavored LipSmackers shit. Lipglosses with too many sparkles. Pasty white “SPF” chapsticks. Among other things.

      • Amber

        I SO agree! I hate when you have the white or sparkle stuff! You cant even use it without it getting smeared all over. And I also take offense to the soda flavored lipgloss! Who wants Mt. Dew on thier lips!

    • Beth

      Burt’s Bees is the only way to go. Anything else I find has a weird aftertaste.

    • Kelsey

      Boots pharmacy makes a killer chapstick: not waxy or sticky, just right. I also still love Kiehl’s tinted lip balm and C.O. Bigelow when craving something obnoxiously minty.

    • Tara

      It’s ok, other ppl feel this way don’t wry lol

    • Sugarblind

      I was addicted to Neutrogena’s tinted lip balm for the longest time, but I can’t find it ANYWHERE now and am heartbroken. Gloss is not balm, Neutrogena. Learn it. Have settled on Blistex “raspberry lemonade blast” instead.

    • missy

      I have a serious addiction to Burts Bees. I don’t even buy it by the single tube, i buy the three pack in the metal tin. There is always one in my purse, one in my pocket (if I have pockets, otherwise there are two in my purse) one sitting on the insert/home/page up buttons on my keyboard, one in my desk drawer at work, and one in my desk drawer at home. I am not exaggerating, I promise. I one time went half a day without one because I switched purses and I couldn’t take it, I had to go to the drugstore and get some. This is how there are two at my work desk.

    • Becka

      I’m not the one addicted to lip balm… my boyfriend is! I used to find it weird to see guys putting on lip balm because it looked like they were putting on makeup. But now I am officially a fan of boys wearing chapstick, because even though he does a lot os wintertime, chapped-lip inducing sports, his lips are always soft!

    • porkchop

      We learned in band that Carmex is bad. I don’t know if that’s true or not because I would never even LOOK at another lip balm besides plain Chapstick. I was raised on it and it brings me more comfort than Our Lord Jesus Christ. I once dated someone who tried to switch from Chaptick to some other brand, and I had to make them switch back.

    • TheNJudah

      I have never been able to ascertain whether this is real or a joke, but it’s been around a long while: http://www.lipbalmanonymous.com/

      • Kari

        Hahahaha. Thanks for posting that.

    • Melissa

      Ummm, I have *at least* 12 tubes of various lip glosses and lip balms in my purse at one time, and two in my nightstand, and three in my bathroom drawer, and an emergency tube in the boat/truck/my husband’s truck. . .and, yeah. Addict is a nice word for it, lol.

    • PrettyAmiable

      I have a Soft Lips, Burt’s Bees, and “The Giving Earth” lip balm in pink grapefruit in my purse. The Soft Lips and Giving Earth are done.

      I got Giving Earth at a Borders – and it’s maybe the base chap stick I’ve ever had, but I also really like the pomegranate oil Burt’s for the tint.

      I mean, no. You’re weird.

    • Amber

      I am a chapstick/lip gloss addict. I have tubes of it everywhere and I have about 5 tubes in my purse all the time. Anytime I see something new, I HAVE to purchase it! I try everything! I love to parooze over the chapstick section in Walmart and look for something new! I also have to thank good ole Bonnie Bell for the addiction. I used to be obsessed with getting certain flavors. They would have those nifty little bags with several flavors in. Cotton Candy was my fav!

    • Heather

      I recently had to purge a “collection” of various lip glosses from the past decade. I felt the need to collect all the obscure scents/flavors I could. However, the same one always ended up in my pocket – Bonnebell cotton candy. So that is the only one that stayed.

    • Lizzy

      I’m an addict when I have access. I’ll ocassionally impulse buy some, and I then I’m applying every hour. Once I lose the tube (because no one has ever finished a tube, ever), I don’t give it a second thought. Except durring really cold parts of winter when I SUPER chapped lips, then I use this hardcore stuff that is $5 a tube and if you put it on too thick it looks like you failed to clean up completely after a bj, but it is SO WORTH IT.

      • Kari

        “because no one has ever finished a tube, ever” hahaha so true.

    • michelle cassidy

      Have a passion for Blistex in all of its iterations, although the classic ointment will always have a special place in my heart. And classic Burt’s Bees. I love BB Lifeguard’s Choice (some people hate it because of the white tint, but it’s the best lip sunscreen out there) but I haven’t seen it for sale in ages. Guarantee that I have about seven chapsticks floating around my purse/car/desk/pockets… Never giving up.

    • Kari

      Hi, my name is Kari, and I’m addicted to lip balm. Lilit, you are not alone! I find it very very difficult to leave a store that sells lip balm without buying any. Fortunately? two successive boyfriends over 5 years who have hated kissing lip-balmed lips have “helped” me cut back, but of course the need for lipcare (and the strength of my obsession) hasn’t allowed me to quit entirely.

    • heartbeet

      I do not suffer from the same level of addiction, but for me it’s always a Carmex or Blistex Medicated in stick form in the morning and before bed. If I could find the perfect nude shade of balm though, I’d be in deep shit.

    • Shana

      What’s the best lip balm out there in Europe? I use Burts Bees & Carmex pretty exclusively but I am worried that I’ll have to bring a large stock with me to Europe in a month…

    • Eileen

      I dabbled in a lot of kinds of lip balm – Chapstick, of course, Burt’s Bees, which I never really liked, Cococare Cocoa butter, etc… when I was sixteen and in Atlanta I found, I think, the perfect kind…alas I lived up north and don’t remember the brand name.

      But since leaving for college I’ve come back to Bonne Bell. There’s a fruit punch flavor that is my absolute favorite, although strawberry is a reliable second. And no, I can’t go anywhere without a tube of something.

    • Stella

      There are tubes of lip balm all over my house/car/office because I get really bad chapped lips if I don’t apply several times a day. My favorite flavored balm ever was a square tube of Starburst cherry that I got at a Rue 21. I haven’t found it again, but it was so awesome.

    • Kitsey

      at any given time I typically have between 5 and 10 tubes, jars, sticks of balm and gloss in my handbag, coat pocket, car ashtray, desk drawer etc. lately i’ve really tried to talk myself out of purchasing anymore. it’s been hard. sigh. . .

    • OneSweetWorld

      I relate to your obsession 100%. My lips aren’t even chapped. I love trying new lip balms and have them everywhere. It saddens me when I find one in the bottom of a purse that’s just too gross to keep (those pots seem to attract stray hairs and bagel crumbs). The balm closest to my heart is Kiehl’s #1 in a pot, but my balm-of-the-moment is now Kiehl’s #1, cranberry flavor, in the tube.

    • Diane

      My lips are perma-chapped, and I’ve had to have at least one lip balm with me at all times since I was about 11. I’m probably too far gone to ever go through lip balm recovery though — I don’t even think I have a problem…

    • Ann

      Medex in the blue pot. I always come back to that one.

    • Alanna

      I still use the Dr. Pepper every day, and keep Burt’s Bees pomegranate, peppermint, and honey as backups. I usually like to keep cherry chapstick around but I haven’t had any for awhile because I’m trying to be good and not buy too much lipbalm (bah! as if there was such a thing)

    • Denise

      I always, always have Cherry Chapstick in my jeans pocket and Burt’s Bees in my purse. I seriously think it’s a vicious cycle, you start using and you can’t stop! Crackstick!
      And of course there are at least five tubes of glass floating around in my purse at any given time as well…

    • Harsha

      I’ve heard of a HEMP flavoured lip balm. Maybe it can get you off the addiction. ;)

    • Leslie

      I hope everyone has already heard about Peacekeeper CAUSEMETICS, and their EcoSensual Balm. the best part about this smooth chappy? All profits after taxes fund urgent human rights issues-check it out


    • RC Kennedy

      I’ve been using Made from Earth’s lip balm for about a decade now and I’ve always loved it. It tastes, smells, and feels great on my lips.

      I’ve tried the other variations of their lip balm such as the blueberry, spearmint, and citrus. the citrus one is a bit too feminine for me. So I’ve come back to the original vanilla flavor and I’ll probably stick with it for awhile. The cooling instantly sooths my dry lips while the beeswax and oils leave my lips feeling soft and moisturized. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. Bottom line: There’s a reason people swear by this stuff. Give it a shot.

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