Dallas Police Chief Says Rape Would Stop If Women Just Quit Drinking

Thank you so much, Police Chief David Brown! I had already thought of “not wearing short skirts,” “not opening my legs” and “not leaving the house,” but “not drinking” wasn’t even on my list of ways to keep myself from being violated by a manfolk! Thankfully, the Dallas chief of police offered this helpful advice during a recent Public Safety committee meeting, where a major topic was the fact that rapes in the area are up by 25 percent.

“We’re needing to create a message to the victims of this type of crime, related to, you know, someone you don’t know that well, you having a little bit too much to drink,” explains Chief Brown, suggesting women, “have your friends watch you” if you intend to drink in front of a man.

Write this one down ladies, since your silly little brain is too wrapped up in the storylines from Days Of Our Lives to remember.

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    • Lindsay Hartman

      Ewww….. I feel a little violated just reading crap like that.

    • Eileen

      Does he even speak English? That comment makes absolutely no grammatical sense.

    • Lawrence

      Just one more reason to find Texas the most god awful place in this country.

    • Colleen

      What an a-hole.