Why Do We Get Upset When Celebrities Get Nose Jobs?

You probably have a friend who has had a nose job. And honestly? You probably don’t care.

So remind me why all these magazines keep having a breakdown every time a celebrity gets one? Really, why would we care?

Is it because celebrities are not truthful? Is it because of all this “deviated septum” nonsense? Well, maybe they do have deviated septums from years of excessive cocaine enhanced boxing. I think that would only make them more magnificent, but perhaps that’s just me.

However, given the fact that pictures of Lindsay Lohan on the foxy boxing circuit have not yet been leaked, I’m going to go with “celebrities are lying.” And I do think many of us would care a lot less if they just said “I got a new nose because I am a little insecure.”

However, I can also see why, if you were a celebrity, this wouldn’t be a great move. If you’re supposed to seem super-cool or an object of desire, you don’t really want to seem insecure. Doing that means risking becoming an object of pity a la Heidi Montag. Not everyone can pull of “everything about me is fake, and I’m perfect” as well as Janice Dickinson (though God bless her for being able to do so).

Perhaps a different group of people are upset because celebrities are supposed to represent a role model for young girls, and show them that different can be beautiful. Role models with perfectly symmetrical faces who only eat egg whites and watermelon. Anyone who thinks that has perhaps taken that “City of Angels” motto too much to heart despite the overwhelming flood of evidence to the contrary.  Hollywood is not a place with a great appreciation for ethnic features, unless those ethnic features mean you look like Angelina Jolie (or you are the daughter of a very famous director).

True, famous actresses getting nose jobs means that there’s a chance that young girls across America will get them too. But actresses need to work, and if altering their appearance to better fit the standards of their environment allows them to do so more readily, well, then, we can’t really begrudge them that. Let’s blame the big nosed directors on that one.

Or maybe we only care because, as was the case with Jennifer Grey, it meant her face looked ever so slightly off forever afterwards.

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    • Beth

      I think most celebs deny getting plastic surgery because they believe, and want the general public to believe, that they are superior to the rest of us. That’s why you always hear them saying that they don’t diet, they just eat pizza all the time!! And yet they just had a baby and are skinnier than they were before (I’m referring to an actual quote from Ashlee Simpson, the queen of stupid excuses like deviated septums and whatever her reason was for lip syncing). They want people to think they are just naturally, effortlessly perfect, which they are not. The reason they look good all the time is because they have stylists and personal trainers and nutritionists and plastic surgeons on call 24/7 to make them perfect. It’s their job to look good.

      • Don

        Who gives a rats ass?

      • Chloe

        I couldn’t agree more ! It’s like you read my mind

      • LS

        They want to look better, but they don’t want people to gossip about their plastic surgeries because that’s gossip that they can’t control or spin. It’s really as simple as that.

    • sara

      i think that celebrities deny getting plastic surgery (for the most part) because they want the general public to believe that they are “just like us” and will age gracefully like the rest of us (we hope) without need of fillers and injections and medical assistance — because most of society could never identify with that and isn’t hollywood supposed to be approachable? the female actresses are the girls next door and the men are down for grabbing a beer and watching some football with every other bro. by admitting to having surgery, it breaks our perception of them. we’ve imagined them looking the same way, acting the same way, forever. hell, i still imagine angelina jolie as a vial of blood-wearing brother-kisser. when she suddenly started in on the humanitarian act, i couldn’t help but be skeptical. can’t the same be said for when meg ryan renounced her age-old good girl stereotype for something a little sexier — plumper lips? she was no longer mild-mannered sally. she no longer wanted to be perceived as the sweet protagonist but hoped for a revamped image, one that would approve of her new fish face. poor meg. she didn’t see the backlash coming.

    • Ali

      “You probably have a friend who has had a nose job.” What an American comment to make, and one reason I hate Hollywood and it’s pervasive superficial culture.