Emma Watson Is More of a Badass Than Taylor Momsen

Wondering what that headline is supposed to mean? Well, that’s what I call an Official Declaration, and it comes on the heels of Emma’s decision to chop her hair off, as Momsen continues to rock ratty extenstions while trying to prove to everyone what a rebel she is. Here’s a lesson, Momsen: rebellion is more about action than about words. It took balls for Watson to chop her hair off, and that’s more than I can say for anything you’ve done lately. Or, ever.

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    • Veronika

      I saw this today and immediately thought “What a badass!” She’s also going to college instead of jetting straight to Hollywood.

      On the other hand, Momsen was recently quoted saying that her vibrator was her best friend, which is the first cool thing she’s ever done and deserves a few badass points too….

    • Cori

      Taylor is 16. Talking about her vibrator is just creepy & I’d really like to know where her parents are when she’s walking around looking like a cheap hooker & not a rebel. I love Emma & wish I had the balls to cut my hair like that (or the face to support it lol)!

    • Eileen

      Actually, she’s 17. And what’s wrong with her having a vibrator? It’s not going to make her pregnant or HIV+, nor is it going to break her heart or post naked pictures of her online. Yet it can still give her an orgasm. Frankly, I’d rather hear underage girls talk about their vibrators than their much-older lovers. And Emma Watson is totally badass (not just college, but she killed her GCSE and A-levels – meaning she probably could’ve gotten into Brown even if she hadn’t been famous).

    • D

      And I still fail to care. Whoa, so she’s 17 and cut off her hair? Most of us at that age were chopping ours or dying it weird colors. Congratulations slow news day.

    • CJ

      Emma has class that Taylor lacks…character, you can be bad A without being nasty and ratty….bad A while looking good…I love Emma…go example to teens.