• Fri, Aug 6 2010

Gallery: What’s Your Denim Stereotype?

We attended the Miraclebody Jeans party today, and got a cool pair of jeans. There were a lot of denim options to choose from. We chose skinny jeans. Like always. Mostly because we believe that “skinny” is promise and not like “you should not be wearing these unless you are.” It also got us thinking about how we stereotype people who wear different kinds of denim. This is what we think about you based on your denim preferences.

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  • Sugarblind

    So, jean shorts make me an idiot, skinny jeans make me an alcoholic, baggy pants make me a criminal, and torn jeans make me a junkie? I love TheGloss, but I feel that this “gallery” was poorly executed.

  • OneSweetWorld

    Agree! What type are acceptable?

    • Jennifer Wright

      Whatever kind you two wear. Obviously.

  • gotplaid

    I’m sorry, did you miss the “stereotype” label of this gallery?

    Because…I didn’t. And laughed heartily as a result.

  • Don

    It’s all in the genes.

  • firefly

    Why is every type but skinny jeans presented in a negative light? Stereotypes they may be, but it is rather awkward reading this.

    • Jennifer Wright

      Skinny jeans are also presented in a negative light.