I’m Appalled That This Thong Exists

This is called a CString, for the exact reason you think. It’s a thong with no sides, made of underwire, that just goes straight up your asscrack and keeps itself there.

Oh, and according to the website, this doesn’t just act as the worst underwear in the world — if you want to really offend the public, you can wear this to the beach!!

CString, $34

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    • Kief

      NOT SEXY. looks like some sort of groin guard.

    • Eileen

      At this point, there’s really no reason to wear underwear at all.

    • Rachel

      Not a thong, that’s like a wired panti-liner. Gross. And ouch, probably.

      • caryn

        is this my rachel? sounds like you! and i agree. gross. and ouch. yikes.

    • Lorri Jeanne

      It does look like a pantyliner. I can’t imagine it would be very comfortable, especially sitting.

    • Cary

      Funny how less fabric can mean less sexy.

    • Veronika

      Kudos to this model for looking impossibly smug about her wedgie.

    • Kim

      WHY ARE YOU EVEN TRYING? Save yourself the money (and the wedgie) and just don’t wear underwear.

    • Don

      Two bottle caps and 2 corks can do the same job.

    • Jaime

      Unsurprisingly, the makers of said thong only want women between 95-140 lbs wear it.

      • Jaime


    • otropogo

      I don’t understand the complaints. The thong looks great on this model. The only esthetic problem is that it makes the coverage provided by the bra look excessive. I mean, isn’t the whole purpose of the bikini to show off the female body to the maximum without contravening the so-called “decency” laws?

      As for comfort – primping has always been costly in that respect. And I doubt this thong will do permanent damage.

      • Deo

        I’m fairly sure the bikini is actually used moreso to get a better body tan rather than to show off a body!
        Why on earth would women just want to show off their bodies to men all the time? Im sure they have more self respecting reasons for wearing a bikini… you may think the thong looks great but do you really imagine that it is comfortable for her to wear??? Have you even considered that she may prefer comfort over looks? and that if she doesnt prefer comfort over her appearance that she may have confidence issues?
        As for permanent damage, pressing on the sciatic nerve as it is it could cause problems.
        I do agree that the bra looks excessive, heck she should just throw on some nipple tassles to even it out!!!
        Realistically would you wear this thong going to work etc? It may look great but why must women be expected to be aesthetically pleasing, regardless of their needs?

      • Trilby

        You must be a man. Only explanation.

    • Sham

      Okay, we live in an image obsessed society. Is this what normal women want? To be wearing a “thong” that looks like a vaginal tea cosy? Frankly, it looks disgusting. That smile is fake like most advertising. Also, Deo… no self-conscious woman reveals this much flesh, trust me. This isn’t a woman who respects herself, this is someone who relies on their looks for a lack of personality. Why do most rich nations hate clothing? Why do women need to wear skin tight and very little clothing to be respected and noticed? Please don’t get me wrong, I am not a feminist. I would happily make a sandwich for a man and cook and clean. This is worse than animal cruelty.

    • Nodavebarry dot blogspot dot com

      Perfect for going off the high dive. And probably staying in the water until closing time…

    • ChucksSecret2007

      Yeah. I just imagined an obese woman wearing that. She looks “good” (tho still disgusting to me) because she is super thin. I don’t think thats the reality of the american women.

    • uhhhNOOO !

      Uhhh… it looks like a pretty decorative menstral pad…

    • Angel

      OMG.Dis s rely nt fair.Al d boys’LL start mbarasin’ d grls.
      Plz dnt gv dis type f adds.
      PLZ*uncountable stop mbarasin’ d grls.

      • Angel 2

        I rely do agree with Angel

      • Angel

        omg.jst stop mbarasn’ d grls.
        stop shoin’ dis tyoe f ads

      • Brother Shamus

        Are you even literate?

    • Nada

      Could this actually be less comfortable than a normal g-string or thong??

    • Biskit

      Does the body come with? Never mind….I don’t know if I want to spend that much time shaving or getting bikini waxes to be able to wear that.

    • Nicole

      wow….I def agree with the people who said it looks like a pad/panti-liner. Just go without, that HAS to be uncomfortable.

    • Lu


    • Bob Bobson

      Why is the top so big? Obviously the point to this thing is to get as naked in public as you can possibly pull off without getting arrested, so why isn’t the top just a couple of pasties?