Whale Sperm Shampoo

For those days when normal sperm just isn’t enough of a styling tool.

Whale Sperm Shampoo, $3.99

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    • Alex

      Congratulations for not actually bothering looking up anything about that so called “Whale Sperm Shampoo.” It is shampoo that uses spermaceti oil which is extracted from the head of a sperm whale after it was hunted down and killed. It has absolutely nothing to do with a whale’s sexual organ, and it is a black market item.

    • Rails

      You can have Whale Sperm without hurting any Whales as long as it’s not real Whale Sperm but Whale Sperm without the Whale of the Sperm from the Whale!!!


    • a

      spermaceti is in fact male reproductive material. congratulations for not looking that up.