Would You Wear Granny Panties? Apparently ‘Mad Men’ Just Made Them Hip.

I see London, I see France, I see Russia from Sarah Palin’s house, and I also see that granny panties are on the rise.

The Daily Mail credits the trend to Mad Men noting that “large knickers make a comeback as Mad Men style leads the way!” Leads the way to what? Don Draper striking out with even more women and moving in with Lane in some sort of 1970′s Godzilla watching Odd-Couple menage? Perhaps. Leads the way to style that looks good on normal human beings? I’m not so sure.

Because, really, you know who looks good in things like Granny panties? Actresses on Mad Men. You could slap some croc-uggs and a muumuu on Christina Hendricks and she’d still look good. The fact that certain things work on January Jones is not a sign that they’ll work on you. You know who most people end up looking like when they try to pretend they’re in Mad Men? The people in this article.

There seems like a fairly good chance that you’ll end up looking more Bridget Jones than Joan Holloway in granny panties. That said, at least you’ll be comfortable.  I guess the point of this article became “much though I love Mad Men, I really do wish everyone would stop using it as the ultimate style guide. Seriously. You DO look like you’re in a ska-band in your little hat.”

So, granny panties, how do you feel about them? Comfy, yes?

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    • Eileen

      Actually, I don’t like true granny panties because they go all the way up to my belly button. Makes it uncomfortable when I sit down. I’ll totally rock white cotton Hanes, though, as long as they’re low-rise.

      • Arthur Bhutic

        On periods, always wear high-rise panties. I always wear my high waist boxer briefs. If I was you, I’d wear mid-rise panties and on periods wear high-rise panties.

    • panty guy

      I love to wear granny panties and have for many years. Most are a better fit for us guys, especially some Bali’s.

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