• Mon, Aug 9 2010

Gallery: Male Cartoon Characters We Would Date

Last week, we compiled a list of Disney Princes we didn’t particularly want to date (because some of them are lions). However, that’s not an indictment of all male cartoon characters. Here are some we’d totally date were they human.

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  • nolalola26

    No to Fry. Yes to Archer & Trent.

  • nolalola26

    Oh and yeah, I’m currently dating Tom.

  • Brandi

    I’m not sure I would consider dating any of these guys except for Trent and Fry. The others are either boring or completely outrageous psycho paths. Where are your anime characters? Not to be a dork but everyone knows anime men are gorgeous.

  • arhakim

    omg. SO SO SO agree about Trent!

  • Gin

    The Robbin Hood fox character in the Disney version should be every little furry girl’s first crush.

  • Ellen W.

    I kinda want to marry a guy who turns into Daria’s dad. Not exactly like him, of course, but the good parts and even the dorky parts.

  • SnuggleSmacks

    How can you have a list like this and not include L from DeathNote?

  • whiteglider

    how about marvel guys??? i wanna date Gambit! He’s the man!

  • Lizzy

    Never watched Daria, so I can’t comment on Trent and Tom, but a definite yes to everyone else.

    And I’d date any of the characters from Archer, not just Sterling. Such an awesome show. It’s just… in the words of Pam, “Sploosh.”

  • Amber

    I loved Daria and Rodger Rabbit! They always made me laugh! Good choices!

  • Alanna

    I was gonna have to start beheading people if I didn’t see Trent or Tom, glad to see they’re the first ones!

  • Alexandra

    I would totally date Fry.

  • rio

    i want to date in dhaka,