Shaving Your Girlfriend’s Initial Into Your Hair: Romantic Or Creepy?

Brody Jenner is dating Avril Lavigne. Her name starts with an “A.” And now he has the letter A shaved into his head. While it could be viral marketing for the new movie Easy A, it’s more likely a shoutout to Avril – another one, since Brody already has her name tattooed on his arm. So what do you think – is this romantic, or kind of stalkery? At least hair grows out, but tattoos are a bitch to get removed.

[Via DListed]

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    • Jennifer

      A tattoo and a haircut shout out? File under: overkill.


    • Brandi

      I think it works for their relationship because they both seem very intense. Besides that, my impression of Brody from the Hills and the smattering of other reality shows he’s been on is that he’s kind of an attention whore. So dating a high profile singer like Avril is something he wants everyone to know about. the ‘A’ is more an advertisement in my opinion than a romantic gesture.

    • Eileen

      If she’s going out with him, it’s not stalkery, just weird. But on hair that short, it’ll only be around for a couple of weeks – meaning I agree with Brandi; it seems more like a short-term advertisement.