Fashion 101: What Exactly Does a Fashion Social Media Consultant Do?

Yes, there really are people who get paid to be on Facebook all day. You hear the terms ‘social media consultant’ ‘social media expert’ ‘social media guru’ and, my personal favorite, ‘social media ninja’ thrown around a lot, but what do they mean? Well it depends. There are varying degrees of expertise and skills required for this job. But for someone with a keen interest in a subject, and a knack for communicating online, this sort of job could be the perfect way to use time wasting tools for good. I sat down with Rachel Martino, social media consultant for mark. beauty and fashion, and asked her about how she took her internship as a Facebook and Twitter updater and turned it into an actual job. As an extra challenge, I asked her to try and keep her answers, like Tweets, under 14o characters.

What do you do on a daily basis?

On a daily basis I update Facebook and Twitter and research topic for these tweets. I also work on special social media projects like contest and giveaways.

What have been some of your successes at this job?

Seeing real-time results is so satisfying to me. Seeing thousands of new fans on Facebook or Followers on Twitter from a promotion or contest I helped execute is very rewarding!

What kind of career does a job like this lead to?

A job in social media has endless possibilities in this day and age. Companies are trying harder and harder to break into this market and looking for individuals with talent in digital. I feel like the sky is the limit.

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    • kevinlockett

      I think I need to sqieeze in there to represent men’s fashion tweets.

    • Vanessa

      great article! i think more companies are realizing the impact of social media and the need to integrate it into their retail strategy.